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Namekians AKA Namek-se-jin (Which is a pun meaning Slug People) are a species of individuals living on the planet of the same name. The Nameks are a mostly wise, intelligent and peaceful race. All looking rather similar, Namekians are infamous for their green skin, antennae and pointed ears.

Namekians are an all-male race, they reproduce asexually. Although they can thirst, they never have to actually eat anything. The Nameks also have a very wide range of abilities, including regeneration, which is possible as long as that person’s head has remained undamaged, and a sufficient amount of ki is available.

Namekians have differing abilities, for example the stretching of one’s limbs to great length, and even increasing of height. They also have their own unique form of fusion, where one Namek functions as the host body, and the other physically disappears from existence.

The Namekians have ranks that range from warriors to healers to farmers to wise elders AKA the "Dragonball Creators/Guardians" and so on. The Namekian race are the creators of the Dragonballs, but only a select group of Namekians, called the Dragon Clan know how to perform this. Planet Namek itself is occupied by the dragon Porunga.

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