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[edit] Character Description

Nail is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

He is a Namekian Warrior who looks exactly like Piccolo, apart from the clothes. He is one of the few Warrior Namekians left. He is also Guru's Bodyguard. He strives to protect Guru even disobeying him when he says to help the Z Fighters against the Ginyu Force so he could stay and protect him.

A noble Namekian who spent his life protecting the Namek Guru. Although he was very strong when first introduced, Frieza easily overpowered him. Later, he permanently merged himself into Piccolo so he may be granted with enough strength to rise up against Frieza.

He is very strong for a Namek as most Namekian's have a power level of around 3,000 with his being 42,000.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Nail 01.jpg

During the Frieza Saga, Nail has to fight Frieza in order to stop him from getting the Dragon Balls for himself. Even though Frieza was in his lowest power form, he easily defeats Nail. Nail when finally defeated informs Frieza that their Battle was just a decoy so Dende could pass on the Namekian password to Krillin and Gohan. After this Freiza leaves Nail for dead.

Shortly afterwards a newly resurrected Piccolo Jr. arrives and finds the defeated Namekian. Nail is still able to speak, and asks Piccolo to fuse with him. Piccolo agrees, but is skeptical of Nail's motives. Piccolo's Power Increases Dramatically after fusing with Nail, allowing him to fight Frieza's Second form on equal terms.

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