Mystical Adventure

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[edit] Mystical Adventure

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Japanese name: Mystical Great Adventure

In the mountains Master Roshi is training Goku and Krillin, although he says that there is nothing left for him to teach them and has entered them into the Tenkaichi Budokai.

Meanwhile in a nearby city the wife of Emperor Chao Zu has gone missing and all his followers are searching for her. Master Shen suggests they ask the dragon, Shenlong, where she is and presents him with a giant Dragon Radar that shows the locations of all the Dragon Balls on Earth. Liutenant Blue arrives and warns Chao Zu about trusting Master Shen but is attacked and killed by General Tao.

Elsewhere Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar are searching for Dragon Balls and come across one in the ocean. But before they can retrieve it their skycar is attacked by a group of other planes. Bulma manages to outrun the planes and converts the skycar into a submarine so they can dive under the water to get the Dragon Ball. Once they get close to the Dragon Ball they are attacked again by a big submarine.

Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi, Launch and Umigame arrive at the tournament arena. Near Upa's village he and his father are trying to protect the Dragon Ball from Chao Zu's men who are running riot. General Shen has already collected six of the Dragon Balls, whom Bulma is spying on. Back in the city Goku and the others are eating in a restaurant when more of the royal guard come in to search the place for Upa and his father who have also gone to eat at the restuarant. Goku gets himself involved in the fighting when the soldiers interupt him dinner. Launch and Krillin also get involved when the guards bring on a giant robotic man to help fight them, before they get very far General Tao also arrives to fight Upa's father. Master Roshi steps in and persuades Tao to leave Upa's father alone by telling him he is going to participate in the tournament.

Tao reports back to Shen and tells him the last Dragon Ball is nearby but he couldn't get it back because there were too many people around.

Back in town, Goku and the others try to understand what is going on, knowing that Chao Zu is supposed to be kindhearted. They decide to try to win the tournament because the prize is an audience with Chao Zu.

Back at the palace Chao Zu calls for Tien as he was having a nightmare about someone trying to kill him. Tien promises to stay by Chao Zu to protect him from danger.

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Everyone gathers for the tournament, Bulma finds Goku and the others and lets them know that Yamcha and Oolong are here too. She shows Goku the Dragon Radar, showing that there are six in the emperor's palace, and Goku has the seventh. The tournament begins with Chao Zu and Tien watching from their box. The first round has Yamcha against a large opponent who he knocks out in once kick. Next up Upa's father against Yamcha. While the match is going on Bulma, Launch, Puar and Oolong are trying to get close to the emporer's palace to get the Dragon Balls. During Yamcha's and Bora's fight, Master Roshi distracts Yamcha, causing him to get knocked out of the ring. General Tao then decides to challenge Bora, and demands the Dragon Ball from him. As Bora refuses to give up the Dragon Ball, Tao kills him which enrages Goku and forces him to take on Tao next but he is knocked out of the ring, all the way to Korin's tower. Chao Zu can't understand what's going on and it's then that Shen reveals that he is collecting the Dragon Balls to take over his kingdom.

In Korin's Tower, Korin gives Goku a Senzu Bean to restore his strength and heal his injuries. He puts the Dragon Ball into a bowl of water, and tells Goku he needs to calm his mind in order to win next time. He senses that someone else is headed towards the tower, so Goku heads off on Nimbus to meet him - General Tao.

Meanwhile Bulma and the others have found where Shen was hiding the six Dragon Balls but before they can escape they have to get past Shen and his guards. Tien steps in to fight but Shen orders Tien to kill Chao Zu, even though he promised Tien that Chao Zu would be unharmed.

Elsewhere, Tao is hit out of the sky by a giant rock thrown by Arale. She and Gatchan investigate to see if Tao is alright, Goku also arrives to face Tao. But before they can fight Tao uses the Do-Don Ray on Arale for tieing his hair to a tree. Luckily for Arale she is a robot so is unharmed, Tao fires the ray again, this time at Goku but he manages to stop it with his bare hands. Tao then says he's going to leave, but not before he steals Goku's Dragon Ball.

Back at the Palace, Tien is asked to kill Chao Zu but Master Roshi's words about what Martial Arts are for, being to protect things sacred, get through to him and he can't go through with it. Shen then decides to do the job himself, but Tien steps in to save him and blasts Shen away with a Tri-Beam. Goku also arrives just in time to save the others from the remaining guards, he also has the idea to wish back Bora with the Dragon Balls.

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