Master Roshi

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Master Roshi


[edit] Character Description

Master Roshi is a fictional character from Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

He is an old hermit who is skilled in the Martial Arts. He is the original teacher of Goku and Krillin and creator of the Kamehameha. Despite his status he is somewhat of a dirty old man.

Also known as Muten Roshi, the perverted old master of Kame-senin martial arts created and perfected the Kamehameha.

Roshi is over 150 years old as a result of drinking from the fountain of youth, which in turn gave him everlasting life. Roshi being over 150 years old was stated by Korin the cat. He mentioned to Goku after he had climbed Korin Tower that he was the first person to reach Korin Tower in 150 years, and the last person who reached him was Roshi.

[edit] Immortalilty

People also get confused over his everlasting life, often times quoting the phoenix that gave Roshi everlasting life, which Roshi himself would tell people. He later revealed to Tien while they were fighting Piccolo Daimao (King Piccolo), that it was a lie, and he was not IMMORTAL. Turtle also called him out on the lie of the phoenix as well at an earlier time.

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          • he's over 300 Dingus******

[edit] Aliases

Master Roshi is also known as "Jackie Chun" in the beginning of the series when he enters the Tenkaichi Budokai with an alias. The name "Jackie Chun" is meant to be a spoof of the famous actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan.

[edit] Turtle House

Master Roshi's home is in the middle of the ocean on a small sandbar. The house has "Kame" (turtle in Japanese) written on the front above the door. The residents who live there are Master Roshi himself, Turtle, and Launch.

The house itself is used as a meeting place or a base for the group whenever they need a place to hide or meet. For example during the Android Story Arc, the heroes bring Goku to the Turtle House to rest since the Android's are going to Goku's house.

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