Pan performing Double Masenko
Gohan performing the single Masenko


[edit] Inventor

King Piccolo

[edit] Alternative Names

  • Demon Blast
  • Devil Flash
  • Masenkoha
  • Demon Flash

[edit] Performing this technique

This attack is performed by the user placing both hands above their head with the palms facing the target and one hand in front of the other with the fingers going in opposite directions. When the user thrusts their hands forward, they call the name and fire a beam of yellow, white or orange energy.

[edit] Characters who can perform this technique

[edit] Variations

  • Masenko Ball (超魔閃玉, Masenko Dama): This is when Kid Gohan puts his hands above his head for the normal Masenko, but charges it longer until it forms a huge energy ball. He then throws it to his target, causing an incredibly large explosion. He used this attack in the Frieza Saga and in the Legacy of Goku.
  • Double Masenko: In this variation, Gohan fires two Masenko blasts out of both his hands, pointed at his left and right sides. Pan also performed this technique in GT series.
  • Combined Masenko: Gohan and Future Trunks merge their separate Masenko attacks into a large, more powerful Masenko wave.
  • Ultimate Masenko (最高の魔閃光, Saiko no Masenko): An even more powerful version of both the Masenko and the Super Masenko. Gohan starts concentrating, then fires a huge golden-yellow wave of energy that inflicts more damage than an average Masenko.
  • Explosive Madan (爆魔弾, Bakumadan, Explosive Demon Bullet): Adult Gohan fires a beam-like, short-ranged version of the Masenko. This move is seen in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and is one of his Blast 2 attacks in all his forms apart from his Great Saiyaman and Ultimate Gohan forms. However, unlike the normal Masenko, this attack cannot clash with any normal energy beam or energy ball. It does, however, manage to cancel them out.
  • Super Explosive Madan (超爆魔弾, Chou Bakumadan, Super Explosive Demon Bullet) An upgraded version of Explosive Madan that is used by SSJ2 Adult Gohan. It takes on the form of a larger and more powerful version of the Explosive Madan with a yellow-orange flame-like appearance.
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