Majin Buu

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[edit] Character Description

Majin Buu is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

This pink demon creature was created by the wizard Bibidi, and many years ago was responsible for destroying vast galaxies with his power. Buu was later resurrected by Babidi and later killed almost the entire population and the Earth itself. Buu’s unique abilities include perfect regeneration, and being able to turn people into food.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Majin Buu

5 million years prior to the start of Dragonball, the warlock Bibidi created this fearsome monster. Buu's power and evil however, proved too much for Bididi to handle. Not long after he was created, Buu went after the supreme God's of the universe, the Kaioshins. He killed the Western and Northern Kaioshins, absorbed the South Kaioshin and badly damaged the East Kaioshin (the one we see in the Buu Saga's). Furthermore, Buu also absorbs the supreme ruler of the universe, the Dai Kaioshin, which turns him into the fat version that we first got to see. After many fights with many opponents, Buu is ultimately killed by Son Kakarot, and his Spirit Bomb.

[edit] Abilities

Majin Buu is a unique character in many ways. For starters, he is constructed of a weird substance, which appears to be increasingly resistant against attacks, and he can mold his body in various shapes. He can also perform regeneration, he can absorb opponents, and he can also instantly pick up new techniques his opponents demonstrate in battle. Another unique ability Buu possesses is the so called Henka Beam, which he can use to turn his opponents into various sorts of food and candy.

[edit] Incarnations

Throughout the Buu Saga, Buu has appeared in many forms and incarnations. These forms are usually given fan-coined names to make the distinguishing easier, but in the original story, Buu almost constantly refers to himself as "Majin Buu", as do his opponents. A brief listing of Buu's forms can be found in the transformation section.

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