Lord Slug

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[edit] Character Description

Lord Slug or simply Slug is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

Slug is an elderly Namekian warrior who journeyed to Earth in hope of making it his new home. He terror-formed the planet to make it much colder and more habitable for his minions, and upon discovering the Earth had its own set of Dragonballs, he gathered them all and wished for his youth back so he could become much more powerful.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Lord Slug

Slug is introduced in the 4th Dragonball Z movie as a Super Namek, banished from his home planet for using his great powers for the wrong causes. He does not appear in Akira Toriyama's original manga, making him a non canon character. Slug travels towards planet Earth where he intends to find the Dragonballs, which he wants to use in order to regain his youth. Eventhough he stumbles upon resistance from several Earthlings, including Gohan and Krillin, he is ultimately able to achieve his goal. He regains his youth, and along with it, a great deal of strength, which he later effectively uses in a brutal clash with the Saiyan Goku. After giving Goku everything he could handle, Slug is ultimately defeated when Gohan exploits a weakness of the Namekian race, their extremely sensitive ears, and Goku subsequently kills him using a Spirit Bomb.

[edit] Abilities

Slug, like most beings in the Dragonball universe, can manipulate his ki which allows him to fly, possess superhuman strength, and launch ki blasts. Besides these "common" abilities, Slug can also transform into his Super Namek stage, which causes him increase tremendously in size, as well as in power.

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