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[edit] Character Description

Launch is a fictional character from Dragonball.

Launch is a girl with an interesting personality quirk, each time she sneezes her personality flips. She goes from a kind, calm girl to a violent one. When she has blue hair she is fine, but when her hair is yellow it's a sign she is in her violent "form". When she is in her violent form she seems to develop a crush on Tien, but nothing ever becomes of it.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Launch 01.jpg

Launch is a young lady that has the "ability" to transform into a gun wielding gangster with quite a mean-streak. She first appears as a cook during the training of Goku and Krillin from Master Roshi. She travels with the young warriors during their journey, and develops a crush for Tien. In Dragonball Z, she is never seen again.

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