King Piccolo

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King Piccolo

[edit] Character Description

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King Piccolo or Piccolo Daimao is a fictional character from Dragonball.

[edit] Plot Involvement

"Demon King" Piccolo as he is sometimes referred to is the resulting being of all the evil that Kami rejected from his body. Though essentially a Namek, King Piccolo is able to create non-Namekian demon soldiers since he is purely a manifestation of dark energy. King Piccolo was extremely powerful at the time, but become even stronger once he used the Dragonballs to wish for eternal youth,after this he kidnapped the king and became ruler of the kingdom while causing mass chaos, Goku and Tien came to put an end to his terror he revealed to them that he killed Master Roshi as he has sacrificed himself in an attempt to seal him in a jar, he also destroyed Shenron so no one else could use the dragonballs, eventually he cripples Tien and holds him hostage leaving Goku open for attack wounding him badly and breaks both his legs and one of his arms, eventually Goku combines all of his strength and power into a punch managing to penetrate Piccolo's barrier and impale him through the torso fatally wounding him, before he died he created Piccolo Jr. to avenge his death he exploded shortly afterwards.

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