King Kai

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King Kai

[edit] Character Description

King Kai or North Kaio is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

[edit] Plot Involvement

King Kai is the ruler of the northern section of the northern galaxy. He resides on a small planet, King Kai's Planet, right above the end of Snakeway with his pet ape, Bubbles. He is first seen when the Saiyan Goku travels to his planet to undergo training for the imminent arrival of the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta. Afterwards, King Kai is featured on a regular basis in both canon, and non canon story sequences. He also trains Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu, vastly increasing their power and skills. He dies when Goku takes Cell along with him to King Kai's planet, causing it to blow. After that, King Kai and Goku are forced to temporarily reside on Snakeway, until they later make their way to the Grand Kai's world.

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[edit] Abilities

Though his appearance might not suggest it, King Kai is an established martial artist. For example, he teaches Goku the Spirit Bomb and the Kaioken, which is an attack King Kai himself has never been able to fully master, to his own admission. He also has the ability to communicate telephatically with whoever he wants, all throughout the universe, a skill he demonstrated regularly.

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