[edit] Character Description

Kibito is a fictional character from Dragonball Z. He is Supreme Kai's bodyguard.

[edit] Plot involvement

Kibito is introduced as the Supreme Kai's right hand man. He and Supreme Kai entered the Tenkaichi Budokai in order to find henchmen of the warlock Babidi, who came to the Budokai in order to the Saiyan Gohan and drain him of his energy in an attempt to revive the fearsome Majin Buu. Kibito and Gohan are paired together in a first round fight, which draws out Babidi's mean, named Spopovitch and Yamu. After the two drain Gohan of his Super Saiyan 2 energy, Kibito restores Gohan, and the duo set out to catch up with the Supreme Kai in an effort to track down Babidi's mean. Upon doing so, it is revealed that Babidi has used his Majin spell to turn the Demon King of the Underworld, Dabura, into his slave. Dabura quickly localizes the party, who were hiding in the mountains, and Kibito is one of the casualties, as he is killed by Dabura.

Not much later, Kibito is revived courtesy of the Dragonballs, and he and the Supreme Kai take a badly wounded Gohan along with them to the sacred Kai Planet, in an attempt to free the legendary Z-Sword. Gohan used his Super Saiyan form to accomplish this feat, ultimately freeing the Elder Kai. Ultimately, Kibito fuses with the Supreme Kai by means of the Potara Earrings, becoming Kibito Kai.

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