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[edit] Character Description

Kami is a fictional character from Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Long before Dragonball began, a young Namekian child was sent to Earth in order to survive a great tempest, which was about to strike the Namekian's home planet. Growing up, this child developed the ambition to ascend to the throne of Guardian of Earth. In order to do so however, the Namek had the rid himself of the inner-evil that partially made up his being. Upon doing so, two seperate beings were created, Kami, the good half, and the evil half, King Piccolo, sometimes better known as Piccolo Daimao. After the split, Kami was granted the position of Earth's guardian.

During the entirety of Dragonball, as well as a large portion of Dragonball Z, Kami was guardian, until he and Piccolo Daimao's child, Piccolo Jr. were forced to rejoin bodies in order to fight of the challenge of the androids, as well as Cell, a being who's presence had been frightening Kami for several years. Upon this merger, Kami disappeared, and gave up his position as guardian, which was later assigned to fellow Namekian Dende, who assumed the post of guardian for the remainder of Dragonball Z, as well as Dragonball GT.

Kami is also prominently featured in the non canonical first Dragonball Z movie: Dead Zone, as well as the Anime Filler Garlic Jr Saga. In both the film and saga, a villain named Garlic Jr is introduced, who is hellbent on extracting revenge on Kami for beating his father long ago for the position of Earth's guardian.

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[edit] Abilities

Kami is a member of the so called Dragon Clan. This is a very select group of Namekians who are not skilled at combat, but instead at magic. For example, Kami has the ability to create the famous artifacts called Dragonballs, around which the whole series revolve.

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