Janemba (transformations)

[edit] Form 0; Boy

Form 0; Boy

Janemba was originally just collective negative energy, which overloaded and possessed a young boy. Although this boy doesn't count as one of Janemba's proper forms, it should be noted that his body was still used by Janemba to manifest that negative energy.

[edit] Form 1; Fat Janemba

Form 1; Fat Janemba

Janemba's first true form is a huge yellow being who acts very child-like and can only say his own name. Even like this Janemba is pretty powerful, and loves using abilities such as manipulating the damaged atmosphere of Other World, and shooting energy balls out of the holes on his body.

[edit] Form 2; Lean Janemba

Form 2; Lean Janemba

After being under a high amount of strain from fighting a powerful opponent, Janemba's body "melts" into this body which was much better for fighting. Quiet, but extremely strong.

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