Hirudegarn (transformations)

[edit] Form 1

Form 1

Hirudegarn is an absolutely gigantic beast with terrifying strength. Even though the upper and lower halves of his body were separate and able to exist on their own, when they are joined back together is surely the first true form of Hirudegarn.

He appears to be a reasonably intelligent being, with incredible speed despite his huge size. His head is the shape of a rather scary looking skull.

[edit] Form 2

Form 2

After fighting with powerful opponents after a length of time, Hirugarn transforms, shedding the skin of his previous form and revealing this new state. It is hard to tell exactly how much more powerful Hirudegarn gets from his transformation, but there is definitely a power boost.

The second form looks rather different, looking much more like a giant insect, with bug-like wings including as well. Hirudegarn's weakness seems to be his tail, and he becomes somewhat weaker when it is chopped off.

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