[edit] Character description

Guru is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

[edit] Abilities

Guru has the power to unlock people's hidden abilities. Just like he unlocked Gohan, Krillin and Dende from Ginyu Force Saga. Vegeta sensed Gohan's PL and he stated that Gohan's PL had increased a lot.

[edit] Plot involvement

[edit] Voice Actors

Guru was voiced by Junpei Takiguchi and Masaharu Satō in Japan, Lee Tockar in the Ocean Group dub and Chris Sabat in the Funimation dub.

[edit] Trivia

  • He is the ascendant to all Nameks
  • He gave births to at least 108 Nameks. With Dende being the youngest.
  • He held responsibility over Namek Dragonballs. He passed his responsibility along to Muri just before his natural death
  • Guru was the oldest and wisest Namek in existence
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