Grandpa Gohan

Grandpa Gohan

Note: not to be confused with Son Gohan.

[edit] Character Description

Grandpa Gohan is a fictional character from Dragonball.

[edit] Plot involvement

Grandpa Gohan is the adoptive grandfather of Goku, whom he found in his Saiyan pod. He had a difficult time keeping the wild Goku under control, that is until one day when he accidently dropped Goku off of a cliff, causing the child to become very calm and loving. As Goku grew, Grandpa Gohan started teaching him martial arts. He was killed one night when Goku transformed into an Oozaru during a full moon and stepped on him. He appears later in the series to see Goku one last time with the help of Baba, as Goku's final opponent at Baba's tournament.

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