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[edit] Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Goku 01.jpg

21st Martial Arts Tournament Saga

Goku and Krillin after finally completing there training they enter the 21st world tournament they see Yamcha who is also participating in the tournament in the first match it's Krillin VS Bacteria due to Bacteria's stench Krillin can't move a muscle until Goku tells him he doesn't have a nose then Krillin knocks him out for the count making Krillin the winner. In the next match it is Yamcha VS this old man named Jackie Chun which in no time flat defeats Yamcha by using the Kamehameha, after the match Yamcha starts to question Jackie Chun's real identity because no one but Master Roshi knows the Kamehameha. In the first match of the Semifinals, Krillin VS Jackie Chun and just like Yamcha he beats him in no time flat. With both Yamcha and Krillin suspicious about him in the second match of the Semifinals it's Goku VS Nam a Indian who participated in the tournament to win the money to get water for his village after one powerful attack by Nam it appears Goku is down for the count but he gets back up and knocks Nam right out of the ring. It's the final match Goku VS Jackie Chun and it appears that Jackie Chun is beating Goku because he knows all of his moves inside and out but when the full moon comes, Goku transforms to a great ape and starts destroying the tournament but Jackie Chun uses a full power Kamehameha at the moon, and by destroying it Goku turns back to normal. Now with the stage set both Jackie Chun and Goku landing on final punch but Jackie Chun gets up first making him be the winner of the 21st world tournament.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

22nd Martial Arts World Tournament Saga


In this saga Master Roshi's old rival Master Shen comes and they all participate in the 22nd world tournament, in the 1st match of the tournament it's Yamcha VS Tien. Which Yamcha loses brutally to Tien, and Yamcha also breaks his leg causing him to stay in the hospital for the whole tournament. In the next match Krillin fights another one of Master Shen's students Chaitozu due to Chaitozu psychotic powers, it's hard for him to win but he wins due to the power of math. Master Shen founds out that Goku killed Tao Pai Pai and he gets angry, it's the Semifinals and it's Goku Vs Krillin who ever wins gets to fight Tien in the finals. After a couple of baby hits and attacks Goku finally uses the Kamehameha blasting Krillin out of the ring, and it's the final match Goku VS Tien who ever wins gets the title of World Champion and $50000. After trading blows and punches it seems like Tien is getting the best of hits due to Master Shen ordering Chaitozu to use his psychotic powers to stop him from moving Tien sees Chaitozu and tells him to stop he says he wants a fair match with Goku and Master Shen says your not killing him fast enough and don't forget what they did to Tao Pai Pai, Tien says yeah I know but please but out of the fight. MAster Shen tells Chaitozu to Paralyze Tien, but Chaitozu disobeys and says "I can't do that," then Master Shen grabs Chaitozu and says "Know what, I'm going to kill all of you." Master Roshi then uses a Kamehameha and blasts Master Shen away then the fight continues with Goku seeming to win then Tien uses his 4 arms technique with Goku using his 6 arms technique with the match staying even now so Tien resorts to his most powerful the move that he was going to use to kill Goku but luckily he warns Goku he uses the move to blast through so when down it will be a ring out it was claimed that Tien was going to land first but due to Goku bumping into a truck Goku lands first causing Tien to win the 22nd World Tournament.

King Piccolo Saga

Piccolo Jr. Saga

[edit] Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Saga

Goku 02.jpg

Time has passed since Goku's battle with Piccolo at the Martials Arts Tournament. He's settled down with his wife ChiChi, and even has a four year old son named Gohan, named after his late grandfather.

During a visit to see his friends at Kame House, he is confronted by a mysterious man named Raditz. He claims to be Goku's older brother and tells that Goku is infact part of an alien race called the Saiyans. When Goku refuses to go with Raditz to pillage some planets, Raditz kidnaps Gohan and flies off. Goku is forced to team up with his old enemy, Piccolo in an attempt to rescue Gohan and prevent the planet's destruction. The battle is tough and ends with Goku having to sacrifice his own life to ensure that Raditz's dies against Piccolo's new technique.

Goku arrives at King Yema's Check-in station where all the dead are judged. Due to the on-coming threat from two other Saiyans Goku is allowed to travel along the Snake Way to meet King Kai to recieve training in preparation for the battle. He trains hard while he is there and develops two new techniques - the Kaio Ken, and the Spirit Bomb. A day before the Saiyans are due to arrive on Earth Goku is wished back to life.

By the time Goku arrives at the battlefield only Gohan and Krillin are left alive. Nappa challenges Goku and is no match for him, angered by this Nappa attacks Gohan and Krillin. To protect them Goku is forced to use his new technique, the Kaio Ken to stop him. Vegeta kills Nappa after this and focuses his attention on Goku.

The two fight and despite all his training, Goku is unable to defeat him. Vegeta then transforms into his giant monkey Oozaru form and has Goku at his mercy. Goku was seriously injured by Vegeta and unable to fight anymore, but luckily for him Gohan, Krillin and Yajirobe come to his aid. Goku helps Krillin to create a Spirit Bomb to use against Vegeta. The attack hits but isn't enough to finish off Vegeta. But then Goku remembers the Light Ball in the sky which Vegeta used to turn himself into his giant monkey form, he tells Gohan to look at it, and as he still has his Saiyan tail he transforms. Vegeta manages to cut off Gohan's tail but not soon enough to escape serious injury, and is forced to retreat. Krillin catches up with Vegeta and plans to kill him there, but Goku pleads with him to let Vegeta live, which Krillin eventually agrees too. Once Vegeta has left the Planet, Goku and the others are taken to hospital to recover.

Namek & Captain Ginyu Sagas

Frieza Saga

Goku 03.jpg

After recovering from his injuries during the fight with Vegeta, Goku heads off into space towards Planet Namek. During his journey there he undergos arduos training in harsh gravities over 100 times the Earth's gravity in preparation for his fight with Frieza.

Once Goku arrives on Namek he soon finds Gohan and Krillin teamed up with Vegeta and fighting the Ginyu. After healing the three of them Goku takes on and easily defeats Burter and Recoome. Goku then tells Krillin and Gohan to hide the Dragon Balls, and asks Vegeta to help him deal with Jiece and Ginyu. But moments later Vegeta flies off, leaving Goku to deal with them himself. Goku fights Ginyu, and Ginyu soon realises he cannot beat Goku so uses one of his techniques that switch their bodies, after injuring himself first. Ginyu, in Goku's body, flies off leaving Goku to die. Goku manages to have enough strength to follow them to where they were headed - after Gohan, Krillin and the Dragon Balls. Vegeta, who was also skulking around, quickly kills Jiece and heads after Ginyu and as he overpowers him Ginyu realises he needs to change bodies again and attempts to steal Vegeta's. Goku jumps in the way and returns to his original body, Ginyu makes the same attack on Vegeta, except this time Goku throws a frog in the way, causing Ginyu to switch with it. Vegeta shows Goku to the healing machine in Frieza's ship and gives the others and himself Saiyan armour.

Goku remains in the healing machine until he is back to normal, then heads straight to Frieza and the others, finding Vegeta on the verge of death. Vegeta pleads with Goku to kill Frieza, then dies from his injuries. Goku buries him then takes on Frieza, telling the others to stay back. In the end, Goku resorts to using the Spirit Bomb, but even that can't stop Frieza, and in his rage, Frieza kills Krillin. Goku snaps, filled with anger from the death of his friend and the knowledge that he cannot be brought back to life a second time causes him to change into a Super Saiyan. The battle with Frieza continues until Frieza, blasts a hole through the middle of the planet, meaning it will explode very soon, leaving Goku with little time to finish Frieza and escape the planet. Goku overhears King Kai's plan to revive everyone killed by Frieza and then take everyone on Namek except Frieza back to Earth and asks him to change it. He wants to stay behind too and finish his fight, which King Kai reluctantly agrees to. The battle continues until Frieza is done in by his own attack, slicing his body n half. Goku shows Frieza compassion and allows him to live, but even then Frieza tries to kill Goku. Having had enough, Goku delivers the final blow to kill Frieza, knowing he won't change, then sets about finding a way off the planet which is about to explode. Despite his best efforts Goku can't get Frieza's ship to work, but just at the last moment finds the Ginyu spacepods outside and uses one of them to escape Planet Namek alive.

Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

Goku 04.jpg

Goku spends this saga on Planet Yardrat, recovering from his injuries from the fight with Frieza and learning new techniques and skills before he returns home to Earth.

When Goku arrives on Earth he is greeted by everyone, and a young stranger he hasn't seen before. The stranger takes Goku aside and tells him that his name is Trunks and that he is from the future. He explains to Goku that the future he lives in has been devastated by 2 androids and that no one is left to fight them but him, saying that everyone but Gohan died fighting the androids and Goku died just before of a heart disease. He then goes on to say Gohan died recently and gives Goku medicene that will cure the disease when it strikes. Trunks also explains to Goku that he is Vegeta and Bulma's son, much to Goku's suprise. He then leaves, heading back to his timeline saying that he will come and help fight the Androids in the three years and leaves Goku to explain to the others what happened, leaving out his parentage of course.

After training hard for 3 years, Goku and all the others, with the exception of Vegeta, gather by the city Trunks told him the Androids first attack. They wait and soon the time they were supposed to attack comes and passes, confused at first, they soon realise they can't sense the Androids because they are machinery and, as such, have no life energy. Forced to search the hard way, the group split up and search the city for the androids. It's Yamcha who finds them first and signals to the others, but by the time they reach him he has been badly injured. Goku tells Gohan to take Yamcha to get healed and pursuades the 2 Androids, Androids #19 and #20, to fight with him away from the city. Once they reach a deserted area, Goku powers up to Super Saiyan, having fully mastered the form by now, and takes on Android #19 whilst Piccolo, Krillin and Tien stand back to watch. Soon they are re-joined by Gohan and Yamcha but Goku seems to be struggling despite seeming to have the upper hand earlier. Gohan realises that the disease Trunks warned about must be affecting Goku, and as Goku drops out of Super Saiyan and is at the mercy of #19 it is then that Vegeta makes his presence known. Vegeta steps in and takes on #19 himself, also showing his new Super Saiyan skill, Yamcha then takes Goku back home to recieve the medicene Trunks left with him.

For the remainder of the saga Goku recovers from his disease of the heart until he is fully healed, thanks to the medicene trunks gave him.

Goku 05.jpg

Imperfect & Perfect Cell & Cell Games Sagas

Goku is finally recovering and when he does and is up to speed on the situation he decides on the course of action - training in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Taking Gohan with him, Goku heads off to find Vegeta and Trunks, and eventually persuades Vegeta to come with him. The four of them go to Kami's Lookout and explain that only two of them can enter at one time, but they will recieve a year of time and only a day will pass outside. Vegeta demands that he be allowed to use the room first to which Goku agrees and Vegeta and Trunks begin their training. Goku and Gohan wait outside for their turn, being kept up to date on the progress down on Earth. They learn that a new creature has appeared named Cell who is even stronger than the Androids. Gohan wants to go to Earth to help Piccolo in his fight with Cell but despite his protests Goku doesn't allow it and tells him to be patient. Eventually, Vegeta and Trunks' time in the Room is up and they leave, letting Goku and Gohan begin their turn. Gohan's training is tough but during the year he is able to achieve Super Saiyan. Once they leave the room, they learn that things have gotten worse and that Cell has absorbed both Androids, making him even stronger. But he has given them 10 days to prepare for a tournament against him. Despite this, Goku decides against using another day for training in the Room of Spirit and Time and heads home with Gohan. In the meantime, Goku approaches Dende who has settled with the other Nameks on another planet and asks him to become the new guardian of Earth, thus ressurecting the dragon who has since vanished when Piccolo fused with Kami.

Goku 06.jpg

Finally the day for the Cell Games arrives and they all gather to fight Cell. Goku fights him first but he gives up part the way through the fight, insisting that Gohan is stronger than him and should fight instead. Gohan is unsure about this but agrees to fight and initially doesn't seem to be making much progress. Cell is disappointed in this and wonders why Goku sent out Gohan to fight him as he was expecting a better fight. Gohan explains that when he gets angry he unlocks strength, so Cell decides to release Cell Jrs and attack Goku, Vegeta and the others in an attempt to make Gohan angry. Despite all this it doesn't seem to be enough to push Gohan over the edge, even when he realises everyone there but Trunks has died once before and as such, can't be revived again. Android #16, who also joined the others to fight Cell makes an attempt to destroy Cell by self destructing himself. But unknown to him, his bomb was removed by Bulma so his plan was a failure. Cell then destroys #16 himself, smashing him to pieces. #16's head remains intact and he talks to Gohan, telling him it's okay to get angry, if he's fighting for good. Cell gets irritated by #16's noise and smashes his head, totally destroying him, this is what sends Gohan into a rage, pushing him over the edge and transforming him into a Super Saiyan 2. In his transformed state he is easily a match for Cell, even begins to toy with him despite Goku and the others asking for him to finish Cell. This leads to Gohan's downfall, as Cell realises he cannot win he decides to make a desperate move - self destructing, an explosion powerful enough to destroy the whole planet. There's nothing Gohan can do and as he dispairs at his mistake Goku steps in, telling Gohan he did well, then teleporting himself and Cell away, sacrificing himself to save them all.

Goku teleported to King Kai's planet and apologises to King Kai saying he couldn't think of anywhere else to go. Naturally, King Kai is annoyed at Goku for killing them and their souls drift along Snake Way. They soon realise that Cell isn't with them, and that he has infact survived. Much to their horror they watch the battle offering Gohan encouragement and support until he beats Cell. Later, as everyone on Earth is wishing back to life those that were killed by Cell, Goku refuses the offer to come back, saying that he feels trouble follows him and Earth would be safer. He then stays with King Kai in Other World, saying goodbye to his friends and family.

World Tournament, Magin Buu, & Kid Buu Sagas

Goku 07.jpg

It has been seven years since the defeat of Cell and during that time Goku has remained in Heaven, training amongst other things. He gets word that Gohan is going to be entering the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament and decides he will enter too as he has been granted a day on Earth.

The day finally arrives and everyone gathers at the tournament, Goku and the others all make it through to the final rounds, as well as Videl and a few other strange characters. The Youth Division is first and as everyone suspected, Goten and Trunks make it to the final. It's quite close, but eventually Trunks is the winner. During the adult matchs, Piccolo decides to forfeit his round, as he senses his opponent is none other than the Lord of Lords himself, the Supreme Kai. Videl gets badly injured during her match and Gohan's is next. He is faced by the Supreme Kai's companion, Kibito, who tells him he wants to see his full power. Gohan agrees and powers up to Super Saiyan, but before they can fight Spopovitch and Yamu, two other fighters who made it to the finals, attack and steal all of Gohan's power and run off. Supreme Kai explains to them all that a wizard has appeared on Earth to ressurrect a monster known as Majin Buu, and that they will need his power to help stop this from happening. They all follow Supreme Kai to where the wizard is hiding and watch and spot him, Babidi, who has also gained control of Dabura, the king of Demons. Babidi heads inside with the energy they collected from Gohan but is aware that they are all watching him, Dabura attacks and turns both Piccolo and Krillin to stone, and kills Kabito. He flies back inside Babidi's ship which is submerged into the ground and is quickly followed by the Supreme Kai, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. The ship is made up of different levels with Majin Buu's ball which he is sealed up in at the bottom and each step of the way is a warrior to fave them. Goku and Vegeta are able to defeat their opponents with relative ease, leaving Gohan last to fight against Dabura. However before the fight is over Dabura leaves, telling them he has found an even better warrior for them to fight against. Moments later they learn what Dabura meant, using Babidi's powers he is able to manipulate Vegeta and bring him under his control - to a degree. Vegeta is now intent on fighting Goku no matter what he has to do to get him fired up, even killing members of the audience at the tournament so Goku is forced to agree. He tells Gohan and Supreme Kai to go and try to stop Majin Buu from hatching while he deals with Vegeta, knowing that all the hits that are landed in their fight will contribute to the energy needed to hatch Majin Buu.

Goku fights against Vegeta intensely and it soon becomes obvious that their strengths are equal. As the fight goes on Goku comes to realise that Vegeta purposely let himself be pulled under Babidi's control in order to recieve extra strength from the wizard, and is suprised Vegeta would go to so many lengths just to fight him. Vegeta tells how he feels he has gone soft over the peaceful years and wishs he was the way he used to be, without attachments to family and the like. The fight goes on until they realise Majin Buu must have been released and Goku is eventually able to persuade Vegeta to postpone their fight, but as Goku back is turned, Vegeta knocks him over the head, knocking him unconscious.

When Goku awakes he realises he can't sense either Gohan's or Vegeta's ki anymore, he heads to the lookout where he senses everyone else and is told that both Gohan and Vegeta have died. They then decide what their next move should be, Goku suggests that they teach Goten and Trunks the Fusion, something if Gohan and Vegeta were still alive he would have liked to have tried with them in this situation. But before Goku is able to teach them it, he has to stall Majin Buu while Trunks goes back home to retrieve the Dragon Radar. Goku meets with Majin Buu and Babidi and is suprised by how quickly Majin Buu learns. Seeing how strong he is, Goku reveals that he can reach a level beyond Super Saiyan 2 - Super Saiyan 3. He is able to keep Majin Buu busy for long enough for Trunks to return to the lookout with the Dragon Radar, then returns there himself. Goku doesn't have long left before he must return to Heaven so in the time he has, he shows Goten and Trunks how to do the Fusion. Baba soon arrives to take Goku away and he goes back to Heaven with her, leaving Piccolo in charge of teaching Goten and Trunks.

Once Goku arrives he checks with Yema whether Gohan has checked in or not and is pleased to hear that he hasn't, he wonders where Gohan has been all this time and focuses on his energy. It doesn't take him long to find Gohan's energy coming from the Kai Realm, so he teleports there, finding Gohan training with a sword with the Supreme Kai and Kabito. They decide to test how strong the sword is but actually break it in the process. Much to their suprise another Kai appears, the Supreme Kai from 15 generations ago, he explains that he was sealed in that sword and after hearing the situation, and being pursuaded to help, he says he can bring out Gohan's hidden powers. The process is rather lengthy however but eventually Gohan is ready to go back down to Earth to fight Buu, who by this point is in his Super Buu form and fighting with Goten, Trunks and Piccolo. Goku, the 2 Kais and Kabito watch the fighting from and soon realise Gohan is out of his depth as Buu absorbs both Gotenks and Piccolo. The Elder Kai decides to give Goku his life force so that Goku can come back to life and go back to Earth to fight. He also gives Goku the Potarra Earings, which if two people wear them, their bodies will become one much like the Fusion he taught Goten and Trunks, except this fusion is permanent.

Goku arrives on Earth to see Gohan fighting with Buu and throws him the Potarra Earing, only to have Gohan drop it. Before Gohan is able to find the earing again Buu absorbs him and increases his strength further. Goku is getting desperate now and realises the only people he can now fuse with are Dende or Hercule. Just as he is deciding what to he senses a new energy - Vegeta's! He teleports to him and learns that Yema let him go to Earth, being the strongest person in the afterlife and most likely to be able to defeat Buu. Goku explains what has been going on and suggests they fuse, which Vegeta refuses completely. After Goku reminds him everyone on Earth is gone, even Bulma and Trunks, Vegeta finally agrees and puts on his Potarra Earing and the two of them fuse into Vegeto.

Vegeto proves to be much much more powerful than Goku and Vegeta and is easily able to knock Buu around. It all seems to be going well until Buu absorbs Vegeto, Goku and Vegeta are confused as the fusion splits once they are inside Buu. Vegeta destroys the earing so he won't have to fuse again and the two of them try to find a way out. After several run-ins with Buu they come across Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Majin Buu inside pods so the two of them set them free and head ouside of Buu via the blow holes in his head. They escape and see Buu change form as a result of removing their children, Piccolo and from disconnecting the tie to Majin Buu, changing into Kid Buu. Kid Buu, having little logic or reasons to his actions decides to destroy the Earth, Goku acts by grabbing hold of Vegeta plus Hercule and Dende and teleports them to safety to the Kai Realm. When they arrive there Vegeta gives him an earful for saving Hercule and Dende, rather than any of their children. The see through the Kai's crystal ball that Kid Buu has totally destroyed the Earth and moments later arrives too at the Kai Realm. Goku and Vegeta, despite what everyone else suggests, decide to take to it in turns to fight Kid Buu, rather than teaming up. Goku wins their match of Rock Paper Scissors so goes first. He powers up to SSJ3 and fights with Buu, but as time progresses the use of this form begins to take it's toll on Goku and he begins to run out of energy. He regrets not fighting at full strength at the begining of the fight as he is sure he probably could have won, but held back so that Vegeta would get a chance to fight Buu aswell. Vegeta tells Goku to regain his energy while he fights Buu, knowing full well if he dies in the fight he will cease to exist as he is already dead. Goku does his best to re-gather his energy as Vegeta fights and nearly dies at the hands of Buu, only Hercule stepping in being what saved him. Kid Buu attempts to fight Hercule but something is holding him back, Majin Buu who is still inside his body. To counter this Kid Buu release Majin Buu from his body and fights with him instead. Elsewhere, Vegeta wonders what is wrong and Goku tells him he can't gather the energy so they have to think of something else to do. Vegeta comes up with a new plan, he tells the Kai's and Dende to summon Porunga on the Namek Planet and wish back the Earth and everyone on it who died today to come back to life, except the bad ones. Goku is pleased to see in that wish Vegeta was brought back to life too, then Vegeta tells Goku to start gathering energy for a Spirit Bomb while he calls upon everyone on Earth to give their energy to the Spirit Bomb. All those who know Vegeta give up their energy, along with a handful of others who decide to when he pleads desperately for it. Everyone else ignores him, Goku is able to gain a little more energy by asking, specifically from those he has met along the years, but it is Hercule who saves the day. Being the Savior of Earth, they all agree to help when Hercule asks and the Spirit Bomb grows tremendously. It's enough to do the job and finally, Kid Buu is destroyed for good, Goku makes a small request that Buu's spirit be reincarnated as a good guy...

10 years pass and Goku has been living peacefully with his family, he still keeps up his training and is even teaching Pan, his grandaughter. He decides to enter the next Tenkaichi Budokai as he senses someone with great power will be there, the reincarnation of Buu. He, along with Vegeta, Majin Buu, Pan aswell as Goten and Trunks who were forced to enter, reach the final rounds. He has Majin Buu rig the drawing so that he will fight against a kid called Ubuu in the first round. After seeing just how much strength Ubuu has he decides that he will train him to control his power and leaves with him on Nimbus.

[edit] Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Baby Saga

Super Android 17 Saga

Shadow Dragon Saga

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