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[edit] Character Description

Race Half-Saiyan / Half-Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Dragonball Z

Gohan is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. He is the son of Gokuand Chi-Chi. He is the first Saiyan/Human hybrid to appear in manga and television series. Close to the end of the Dragonball Z series he gets married to Videl and has a daughter named Pan.

[edit] Plot Involvement

DBZ - Vegeta Saga

At the age of four Gohan is kidnapped by his uncle, Raditz. His father Goku, along with Piccolo fight with Raditz during which Gohan escapes from the space pod he was shut up in and displays promising strength. Once the battle is over, Piccolo takes Gohan and leaves him in the remote empty plains by himself to develop his basic skills himself and learn to survive. Amazingly, the shy, spoiled boy survives this harsh environment and continues training vigorusly with Piccolo for a full year in preparation for the arrival of two more Saiyans. The day arrives for the battle with the Saiyans, and Gohan's first serious fight against a deadly enemy. Very unsure at first, but soon Gohan develops a small confidence as the battle continues. During the battle the larger Saiyan, Nappa, threatens Gohan's life by firing a huge blast straight at him. Unexpectidly, Piccolo takes the blast head on and sacrifices his life to save Gohan's. It's soon after this that Goku arrives and tells Gohan and Krillin to return home while he fights Vegeta. While on their way home, Gohan worries for his father and decides to head back after him with Krillin. They find that Goku is in danger as Vegeta has transformed into a giant ape. Luckily for them, Yajirobe cut off Vegeta's tail, making him turn back to his normal form. Gohan and Krillin attempt to take on Vegeta, as Goku is now unable to fight. With the help of Goku, Krillin manages to pull together a Spirit Bomb to use on Vegeta, the attacks hits, but is still not enough to finish off Vegeta. But then Goku remembers the Light Ball in the sky which Vegeta used to turn himself into his giant monkey form, he tells Gohan to look at it, and as he still has his Saiyan tail he transforms. Vegeta manages to cut off Gohan's tail but not soon enough to escape serious injury. Vegeta is then forced to retreat to his space pod and leave Earth. Krillin doesn't have such a great thought in mind though. He tries to kill Vegeta with Yajirobe's sword. Luckily for Vegeta, Goku convinced him not to. Goku, Gohan and Krillin, knowing Earth was safe for now, head to the hospital.

DBZ - Namek & Captain Ginyu Sagas

After these events, Gohan teams up with Krillin and Bulma, and they travel to the planet Namek. Their objective is to find another set of Dragonballs, in order to wish back the friends that lost their lives in the battle with the Saiyans. During these saga's, Gohan is involved in many battles, against Frieza's henchmen, the Ginyu Force, and eventually, Gohan also participates in the battle against Frieza. Once again, Gohan demonstrates his unique Saiyan/human hybrid potential as he delivers a few severe beatings to the evil tyrant, but eventually, comes up short. Gohan ends up getting healed by Dende and is forced to fall back. After Krillin's death, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan and tells Gohan to take Piccolo and retreat to his Spaceship. Eventually, it was Gohan's father Goku that defeated Frieza, after having transformed into a Super Saiyan. About a year later, Frieza makes an enexpected return, but is met, and killed by a mysterious Half-Saiyan named Trunks.

DBZ - Frieza Saga

After healing up at the hospital and learning that on Planet Namek another set of Dragon Balls exist that could revive everyone killed in the recent fight, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma head to Namek. Once they arrive they set about searching for the Dragon Balls but soon realise there are other people after the same thing. The strangers are strong and will do anything to get hold of the Dragon Balls. Gohan and Krillin save a young Namek named Dende from being killed, and to get hold of just one Dragon Ball to prevent the others, who they learn are Frieza and his army, from summoning the Dragon and making a wish. Krillin goes off with Dende who suggests they go and meet Guru, while Gohan stays behind with Bulma. While they are gone Gohan notices a Dragon Ball nearby on the radar, so decides to go get it. He soon reaches the location on the radar and finds a devasted town, and the Dragon Ball in a lake nearby. Quickly he returns back to Bulma, but runs into Vegeta on the way. Luckily Vegeta didn't find where Gohan hid the Dragon Ball and manages to return back with it, despite recieving a knee to the gut from Vegeta.

Later Krillin returns and takes Gohan with him back to see Guru, leaving the ball with Bulma, but once again Vegeta catches up with them demanding his Dragon Ball back. Krillin stalls Vegeta while Gohan sees Guru who manages to unlock some of his hidden powers, making him stronger. Gohan then returns to face Vegeta, but they stop as they sense five new powers approaching Planet Namek. Vegeta recognises them as the Ginyu Force and warns Krillin and Gohan that they won't stand a chance against them and will have to team up and grant him immortality with the Dragon Balls. Reluctantly they agree and take their two Dragon Balls back to where Vegeta has hidden the five he had already collected. However they were too late and the Ginyu Force had already arrived, taking the Dragon Balls off them. Captain Ginyu, the leader, leaves to take the Dragon Balls back to Frieza, leaving Jiece, Guldo, Burter and Recoome to deal with Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin. Recoome is picked to fight Vegeta so Guldo takes on Krillin and Gohan, using his psychic abilities to overpower them. If it weren't for Vegeta stepping in and killing Guldo they would have died. Recoome then steps in to deal with Vegeta and greatly overpowers him despite Vegeta's efforts, much to Vegeta's annoyance Krillin and Gohan step in to help him. It's at this moment that Goku arrives on Namek to help, easily defeating both Burter and Recoome, leaving Jiece to go get help from Captain Ginyu. Goku gives the three of them a senzu, then, as Jiece arrives back with Ginyu, tells Gohan and Krillin to go find the Dragon Balls. They agree and head back to Frieza's ship where the Dragon Balls lay unguarded.

A short while later Goku returns with Jiece but they soon realise something is wrong - Ginyu has stolen Goku's body! Vegeta quickly kills Jiece and heads after Ginyu and as he overpowers him Ginyu realises he needs to change bodies again and attempts to steal Vegeta's. Goku jumps in the way and returns to his original body, Ginyu makes the same attack on Vegeta, except this time Goku throws a frog in the way, causing Ginyu to switch with it. Vegeta shows Goku to the healing machine in Frieza's ship and gives the others and himself Saiyan armour.

While Vegeta sleeps, Gohan and Krillin get Dende and attempt to summon the dragon without Vegeta, knowing that Guru doesn't have long left to live. They summon the Namek Dragon and manage to grant 2 or their 3 wishes - to revive Piccolo to life, and to bring Piccolo to Planet Namek. Just as they are deciding their third wish Vegeta catches up with them, incredibley enraged that they took off without him. He demands his immortality but it's too late, the dragon dies before the wish could be granted.

It's then that Frieza appears, enraged that his wish cannot be granted. With no sign of Piccolo around, Vegeta takes on Frieza and they seem evenly matched, until Vegeta provoks Frieza into transforming. By the time Frieza has transformed, Piccolo has arrived and takes on Frieza, doing remarkabley well and forcing Frieza to transform once more. In this form Frieza overpowers Piccolo which sends Gohan into a rage, with Gohan and Vegeta's growing strength, Frieza transforms one final time into his last form.

Frieza immediately kills Dende and is then challenged by Vegeta. However despite Vegeta's increased strength he is no match for Frieza. As Frieza is about to kill him, Goku finally arrives, healed. Frieza mortally wounds Vegeta, and just before he dies he pleads with Goku to kill Frieza. Goku then takes on Frieza leaving the others to watch.

Eventually it comes down to Goku using a huge Spirit Bomb, but not even that is enough to kill Frieza, in his rage, Frieza kills Krillin. The death of his long time friend pushes Goku over the edge and causes him to transform into a Super Saiyan. Goku tells Gohan to take Piccolo and Bulma and get off the planet while he deals with Frieza. Gohan obeys his father's word, but before he can accomplish this he is transported back to Earth.

He arrives on Earth with everyone who was on Namek except for Goku and Frieza, even those who had died. They soon learn that the Earth dragon revived all those killed Frieza, thus reviving Porunga and using the last wish to transport them all to Earth while Goku still fights Frieza. Via King Kai's commentry they learn that Planet Namek was destroyed and Goku with it.

Months later the Namek Dragon Balls are recharged and they try to revive Krillin and Goku. But they learn that Goku cannot be revived because he is still alive, and that he will return home soon. With the remaining wishes they revive their other friends who were killed in the fight with the Saiyans and finally wish the Nameks to a new planet to start a new life. All that is left now is to wait for Goku to return home...

DBZ - Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

The Z Fighters gather in an abandoned section of the mountains, all sensing that Frieza is approaching Earth. But before any of them can react a mysterious youth appears out of no where and challenges Frieza, and his father King Cold alone, even turning into a Super Saiyan. He quickly disposes of Frieza and King Cold and invites them all to wait with him for Goku to arrive back on Earth, knowing that he should arrive very soon. They wait and sure enough, Goku arrives. The stranger takes Goku aside and talks to him in private, then leaves after. Goku tells the others that he was from the future and had come to warn them all that in 3 years time two powerful androids will appear, stronger than anything they have ever faced. In preparation for the day, all the Z Fighters go about training.

Three years come and go, and the day finally arrives that the Androids are supposed to appear. Goku and all the others, with the exception of Vegeta, gather by the city Trunks told him the Androids first attack. They wait and soon the time they were supposed to attack comes and passes, confused at first, they soon realise they can't sense the Androids because they are machinery and, as such, have no life energy. Forced to search the hard way, the group split up and search the city for the androids. It's Yamcha who finds them first and signals to the others, but by the time they reach him he has been badly injured. Goku tells Gohan to take Yamcha to get healed. Gohan does as he is told and soon returns back to the group, where Goku is taking on Android 19, but Goku seems to be struggling despite seeming to have the upper hand earlier. Gohan realises that the disease Trunks warned about must be affecting Goku, and as Goku drops out of Super Saiyan and is at the mercy of #19 it is then that Vegeta makes his presence known. Vegeta steps in and takes on #19 himself, also showing his new Super Saiyan skill, Yamcha then takes Goku back home to recieve the medicene Trunks left with him. Vegeta easily disposes of #19 but #20 escapes before they can destroy him. Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Tien head after #20 and follow him into a range of mountains. Eventually they find him, and this time Piccolo takes him on alone and overpowers him with ease. It's then that the Trunks, the boy from the future appears and also Bulma, in a hovercar. #20 takes the oppurtunity to attack Bulma's car and provide himself with a distraction to escape. Trunks, after explaining who he really is, also tells the others that the two androids they have been fighting are not the ones from his future, so the group head after #20 again, who Bulma informs is Dr Gero.

They come across Dr Gero's lab, where he has activated 3 more androids, #16, #17 and #18. The newly released androids kill Dr Gero and destroy most of the lab, then take on the Z Fighters. Insisting on a one-on-one, Vegeta takes on #18 alone, but despite his new Super Saiyan skills he is soon beaten, recieving terrible injuries. The androids take off, leaving the Z Fighters to go their own ways and rethink what to do.

Gohan 04.jpg

DBZ - Imperfect & Perfect Cell & Cell Games Sagas

After hearing of the possiblity of a second Time Machine existing, Gohan goes with Trunks to investigate, later being met by Bulma. They soon find it, as well as a big egg shell casing inside, but the machine isn't Trunks' as his is safely sealed in a capsule. Being none-the-wiser as to what is going on they leave, take the new Time Machine, Gohan heads back to check on his father's progress. Goku is finally recovering and when he does and is up to speed on the situation he decides on the course of action - training in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Taking Gohan with him, Goku heads off to find Vegeta and Trunks, and eventually persuades Vegeta to come with him. The four of them go to Kami's Lookout and explain that only two of them can enter at one time, but they will recieve a year of time and only a day will pass outside. Vegeta demands that he be allowed to use the room first to which Goku agrees and Vegeta and Trunks begin their training. Goku and Gohan wait outside for their turn, being kept up to date on the progress down on Earth. They learn that a new creature has appeared named Cell who is even stronger than the Androids. Gohan wants to go to Earth to help Piccolo in his fight with Cell but despite his protests Goku doesn't allow it and tells him to be patient. Eventually, Vegeta and Trunks' time in the Room is up and they leave, letting Goku and Gohan begin their turn. Gohan's training is tough but during the year he is able to achieve Super Saiyan. Once they leave the room, they learn that things have gotten worse and that Cell has absorbed both Androids, making him even stronger. But he has given them 10 days to prepare for a tournament against him. Despite this, Goku decides against using another day for training in the Room of Spirit and Time and heads home with Gohan. In the meantime, Goku approaches Dende who has settled with the other Nameks on another planet and asks him to become the new guardian of Earth, thus ressurecting the dragon who has since vanished when Piccolo fused with Kami.

Finally the day for the Cell Games arrives and they all gather to fight Cell. Goku fights him first but he gives up part the way through the fight, insisting that Gohan is stronger than him and should fight instead. Gohan is unsure about this but agrees to fight and initially doesn't seem to be making much progress. Cell is disappointed in this and wonders why Goku sent out Gohan to fight him as he was expecting a better fight. Gohan explains that when he gets angry he unlocks strength, so Cell decides to release Cell Jrs and attack Goku, Vegeta and the others in an attempt to make Gohan angry. Despite all this it doesn't seem to be enough to push Gohan over the edge, even when he realises everyone there but Trunks has died once before and as such, can't be revived again. Android #16, who also joined the others to fight Cell makes an attempt to destroy Cell by self destructing himself. But unknown to him, his bomb was removed by Bulma so his plan was a failure. Cell then destroys #16 himself, smashing him to pieces. #16's head remains intact and he talks to Gohan, telling him it's okay to get angry, if he's fighting for good. Cell gets irritated by #16's noise and smashes his head, totally destroying him, this is what sends Gohan into a rage, pushing him over the edge and transforming him into a Super Saiyan 2. In his transformed state he is easily a match for Cell, even begins to toy with him despite Goku and the others asking for him to finish Cell. This leads to Gohan's downfall, as Cell realises he cannot win he decides to make a desperate move - self destructing, an explosion powerful enough to destroy the whole planet. There's nothing Gohan can do and as he dispairs at his mistake Goku steps in, telling Gohan he did well, then teleporting himself and Cell away, sacrificing himself to save them all.

Gohan is distraught that his actions have ultimately lead to the death of his father but before he can mourn the loss Cell reappears, and aims a beam randomally, killing Trunks. Cell explains that in the explosion his core cell wasn't destroyed so he simply regenerated himself, and because of his Saiyan cells, he's even stronger than before. Before Gohan can react, Vegeta launches a fierce attack on Cell for killing Trunks but is unable to make much damage and winds up injured. Gohan saves Vegeta's left by blocking a blast, badly injuring his arm. Cell then launches a powerful Kamehameha, which Gohan matches with his own, and the two are locked in a beam battle. With words of encouragement from his father's spirit Gohan is able to keep Cell's beam at bay, but not enough to overpower him. Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha and Tien also step in to help by firing their own blasts at Cell. Finally, Vegeta gives in and helps too, much to Cell's suprise. Using that moment when Cell is distracted, Gohan pushes the beam forward and is finally able to overcome Cell and kill him for good.

Later, as everyone on Earth is wishing back to life those that were killed by Cell, Goku refuses the offer to come back, saying that he feels trouble follows him and Earth would be safer. He then stays with King Kai in Other World, saying goodbye to his friends and family.

Gohan 05.jpg

DBZ - World Tournament, Majin Buu, & Kid Buu Sagas

It's been seven years since Gohan defeated Cell and since then his life has quietened down and he is attending High School, doing his best to keep his powers a secret. With Bulma's help, he is able to keep a disguise and still be able to help people without his friend's at school knowing, although this does lead him to have alot of run-ins with classmate, and also Hercule's daughter, Videl.

As time goes on, Videl becomes aware of Gohan's secret and tells him that he should enter the World's Martial Arts Tournament. Gohan agrees and begins training, and soon Goku makes it known that he's going to be allowed to return from Heaven for one day and will take part in the Tournament too. Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin also decide to enter upon hearing Goku will be there, as well as Goten and Trunks who will take part in the Youth Division, as well as Android 18 who is entering primarily for the prize money.

The day finally arrives and everyone gathers at the tournament, Goku and the others all make it through to the final rounds, as well as Videl and a few other strange characters. The Youth Division is first and as everyone suspected, Goten and Trunks make it to the final. It's quite close, but eventually Trunks is the winner. During the adult matchs, Piccolo decides to forfeit his round, as he senses his opponent is none other than the Lord of Lords himself, the Supreme Kai. Videl gets badly injured during her match and Gohan's is next. He is faced by the Supreme Kai's companion, Kibito, who tells him he wants to see his full power. Gohan agrees and powers up to Super Saiyan, but before they can fight Spopovitch and Yamu, two other fighters who made it to the finals, attack and steal all of Gohan's power and run off. When Gohan wakes up, Kibito explains to him about a wizard who has appeared on Earth to ressurrect a monster known as Majin Buu, and that they will need his power to help stop this from happening. Kibito and Gohan fly off and catch up with Goku and the others by a cliff. They watch and spot the wizard, Babidi who has also gained control of Dabura, the king of Demons. Babidi heads inside with the energy they collected from Gohan but is aware that they are all watching him, Dabura attacks and turns both Piccolo and Krillin to stone, and kills Kabito. He flies back inside Babidi's ship which is submerged into the ground and is quickly followed by the Supreme Kai, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. The ship is made up of different levels with Majin Buu's ball which he is sealed up in at the bottom and each step of the way is a warrior to fave them. Goku and Vegeta are able to defeat their opponents with relative ease, leaving Gohan last to fight against Dabura. However before the fight is over Dabura leaves, telling them he has found an even better warrior for them to fight against. Moments later they learn what Dabura meant, using Babidi's powers he is able to manipulate Vegeta and bring him under his control - to a degree. Vegeta is now intent on fighting Goku no matter what he has to do to get him fired up, even killing members of the audience at the tournament so Goku is forced to agree. He tells Gohan and Supreme Kai to go and try to stop Majin Buu from hatching while he deals with Vegeta, knowing that all the hits that are landed in their fight will contribute to the energy needed to hatch Majin Buu.

Gohan and Supreme Kai arrive at where Babidi and Dabura are hiding Majin Buu's ball, but by the time they get there it's already too late. Because Goku and Vegeta have been fighting so intensely enough energy has already been collected, and the ball hatchs, revealing Majin Buu inside. Despite his appearance he is incredibley strong and has little trouble dealing with Gohan, nearly killing him and knocking him unconscious.

When Gohan awakes he is suprised to find Kabito alive, he is healed by him and given an update on what has happened. Vegeta has died and the others are busy trying to devise new ways of dealing with Majin Buu and Babidi. Kabito and Gohan, along with the Supreme Kai, head to the Kai Realm however, Supreme Kai having a plan. He takes Gohan to a sword which is stuck in the ground - the Zeta Sword. It's a sword which supposedly is able to make whoever wields it unbeatable. After alot of effort, Gohan is able to pull the Zeta Sword out of the mountain and starts to practice with it. Out of nowhere, Goku appears; his time on Earth is up but decides to spend a little time in the Kai realm. They decide to test how strong the sword is but actually break it in the process. Much to their suprise another Kai appears, the Supreme Kai from 15 generations ago, he explains that he was sealed in that sword and after hearing the situation, and being pursuaded to help, he says he can bring out Gohan's hidden powers. The process is rather lengthy however but eventually Gohan is ready to go back down to Earth to fight Buu, who by this point is in his Super Buu form and fighting with Goten, Trunks and Piccolo.

Gohan arrives on Earth and faces against Super Buu, he's suprised by how much he has changed and how much stronger he is now. It doesn't take long for Buu to be able to absorb both Gotenks and Piccolo, making him even stronger than before. Gohan fights him and with the new strength he acquired from Gotenks and Piccolo is much harder to deal with. He begins to struggle, but later Goku arrives to help. He has been given life from the Elder Kai and with him he has brought the Potara Earings that will enable them to fuse, but when Goku throws his earing to Gohan, he drops it! This gives Super Buu the chance to absorb Gohan.

Much later, Gohan is freed, along with Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Majin Buu, by Goku and Vegeta. However, shortly after, Kid Buu destroys the Earth, killing everyone with it. Later on, Vegeta makes wishs with the Dragon Balls, one being to restore the Earth, and another to bring back all those who died that day (only the good ones). Thus, Gohan and the others are brought back to life, and it's not long before Goku needs energy for the Spirit Bomb to destroy Kid Buu. Vegeta asks for everyone on Earth to give their energy to Goku, all those who know Vegeta give up their energy, along with a handful of others who decide to when he pleads desperately for it. Everyone else ignores him, Goku is able to gain a little more energy by asking, specifically from those he has met along the years, but it is Hercule who saves the day. Being the Savior of Earth, they all agree to help when Hercule asks and the Spirit Bomb grows tremendously. It's enough to do the job and finally, Kid Buu is destroyed for good, Goku makes a small request that Buu's spirit be reincarnated as a good guy...

Ten years of peace pass and Gohan is now married to Videl. They live right next door to Goku, ChiChi and Goten and he and Videl even have a young daughter, Pan, who is very eager about training. Gohan has now become the scholar his mother always wanted him to be, as such, he doesn't compete in the Tournament with Goku, Vegeta and Pan.

Gohan 06.jpg

DB GT - Black Star Dragon Balls Saga

Gohan has settled into his quiet life as a scholar, living with Videl and Pan. He is seen briefly before Goku, Trunks (and Pan) leave for outerspace, seeing them off on their adventure to find the Black Star Dragon Balls.

DB GT - Baby & Super Android 17 Sagas

Gohan also appears in the follow-up series, Dragonball GT. In the first saga, Gohan is overtaken by the parasite like creature Baby, and he is turned into one of his vazals. He also makes further appearances, fighting Super Android 17 and Omega Shenron, but in both battles, Gohan's influence can be considered as little to none. In GT, Gohan is only seen using his Super Saiyan form. He can no longer access his full power. The actual reason for this remains unknown, but the generally accepted reason is him prioritizing his life as a student, and watering down as a consequence.

DBZ Movie - History of Trunks Special

In this special, Gohan is one of the two Saiyans who is alive after the awakening of Android 17 and Android 18. He is shown in the clothing in what Goku wears, a blue shirt, orange overall, a blue sash, and blue wristbands. Gohan is the mentor of Trunks who is introduced in the Android Saga. In the special, Gohan's objective was to get revenge for the Z-fighters and rid the world of the two Androids. In their first confrontation, Gohan fights both Androids. At a disadvantage, Trunks, his student, decided to interfere and help him. With Trunks injured, and not wanting to lose him, Gohan decides hiding is the best idea. In an attempt to find the two Saiyan the two Androids let out a devastating attack. In the process, Gohan lost his right arm. Gohan flees with Trunks to train him for another time. During the middle of a training process of Gohan and Trunks, they heard explosions at a nearby city. Gohan knocks Trunks unconscious, and proceeds to have another confrontation with the two. Without his right arm, Gohan was in a bigger disadvantage, which lead to the death of Gohan.

[edit] Appearance

In his regular state, Gohan's appearance mirrors that of the general Saiyan, with black hair and black eyes. In his Super Saiyan (2) form, Gohan's hair turns blond, his eyes turn turquoise, and a yellow aura appears. Through the series' duration, Gohan is seen wearing various types of clothing. In his first appearance, Gohan is seen wearing a Japanese styled outfit. During the latter stages of the Saiyan Saga, and the Namek and Ginyu Saga's, Gohan wears an outfit similar to that of Piccolo, who took Gohan under his wing upon Goku's death against Raditz, and prepared him for the fight against the Saiyans. In the Frieza Saga, both Gohan and Krillin are equipped with Saiyan battle uniforms, when they join Vegeta in the fight against Frieza. In the Android and Cell Saga's, Gohan again honors his former master Piccolo, by wearing outfits similar to his. He continues doing so up until the Majin Buu Saga, where he later adopts a new gimmick as "The Great Saiyaman", in order to hide his true identity from his classmates. Later, when Gohan returns to Earth to fight Majin Buu, he decides to fight under his fathers' colors, as a true Earthling. In the final episodes of Dragonball Z, and in Dragonball GT, Gohan is mostly seen wearing occasional, any day clothing.

[edit] Abilities

Like most individuals in the Dragonball universe, Gohan has the ability to manipulate his ki. By doing so, Gohan can fly, he possesses super human strength, and he can form various types of energy blasts. Several of these attacks are the Kamehameha, and the Masenko, among others. Furthermore, Gohan can also substantially increase his ki by transforming into a Super Saiyan, and later also a Super Saiyan 2. In preperation for his clash against Majin Buu, Gohan is subjected to a power unlokcing ritual by the Dai Kaioshin. Upon completion, Gohan can now access his full power, without having to transform. This makes him not only much stronger, but also much more effective in a longer fight, since fighting in his base form doesn't drain his ki away. In this state, Gohan is commonly referred to by fans as "Mystic Gohan". The Daizenshuu's however, call him "Saikyo no Gohan", which translated into "Ultimate Gohan".

[edit] Transformations

Gohan turned Super Saiyan for the first time training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He was tired of letting everyone down and let in to his potential. He was the first to turn Super Saiyan 2 by being emotionally affected by the destruction of Android 16 by Cell. He then tapped into rage and turned into a SSJ2. In the Buu Saga, he had his mystic abilities unlocked, and became the strongest un-fused character. His Mystic abilities were unlocked by the Elder Kai.

Gohan 01.jpg
SS gohan.jpg
Ss2 gohan.jpg

Note: not to be confused with Grandpa Gohan.

[edit] Trivia

  • His name in Japanese is a pun on rice.
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