General Rildo (transformations)

[edit] Form 1

Form 1

General Rildo's first form is used for hiding his true power. Here his strength isn't anything particularly special, as his true abilities lie in his transformations.

[edit] Form 2

Form 2

Rildo powers up and combines his body with parts of other machines, giving him wing-like structures and a drill, as well as a mask over his mouth. Rildo did not spend long in this form, so it is uncertain exactly how much it increases his level of strength.

[edit] Form 3

Form 3

The final form of General Rildo is rather formidable. No longer having clothes and with added spots over his body. Powering up to this form is a simple procedure, and now allows Rildo to control any metal and merge his body through it. This effectively means that fighting on the planet M2 requires his opponent to battle against an entire planet, making Rildo a very worthy opponent.

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