Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

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[edit] Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

Having returned victorious from their battle with Frieza, the Z-fighters can at last breathe a collective sigh of relief... But they won't have long to rest. A new host of villains has appeared, ready to wreak havoc on the Earth- and Goku, the Z-Fighters' greatest hero is still missing!

In the face of these new dangers, a mysterious youth with Super Saiyan powers has come bearing a bleak prediction for the future: in just three years' time, an evil greater than any the Z-Fighters have ever faced will emerge to cast a shadow of destruction and despair over the Earth. And if the young Saiyan's prediction is correct, the Z-Fighters will have to train like they have never trained before in order to have any hope against these seemingly unstoppable foes-the Androids!

-Dragonball Z Season Four Box Description

Episodes 108-115 Episodes 116-123 Episodes 124-131 Episodes 132-139
108. The Heavens Tremble
E 108 04.jpg
116. Brief Chance for Victory 124. Z Warriors Prepare
E 124 03.jpg
132. Follow Dr. Gero
109. Black Fog of Terror 117. Krillin's Proposal 125. Goku's Ordeal
E 125 04.jpg
133. Nightmare Comes True
100. Battle in Kami's Lookout 118. Frieza's Counterattack
E 118 04.jpg
126. The Androids Appear 134. Goku's Assassin
111. Fight with Piccolo 119. The Mysterious Youth
E 119 01.jpg
127. A Handy Trick 135. Deadly Beauty
112. Call for Restoration 120. Another Super Saiyan?
E 120 01.jpg
128. Double Trouble for Goku 136. No Match for the Androids
113. Suicidal Course 121. Welcome Back Goku
E 121 04.jpg
129. Upgrade to Super Saiyan 137. Last Ditch Effort
114. Extreme Measures 122. Mystery Revealed
E 122 01.jpg
130. The Secret of Dr. Gero 138. Closing In
115. The World Awakens 123. Goku's Special Technique
E 123 01.jpg
131. More Androids?! 139. Unwelcome Discovery
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