Fusion Reborn

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[edit] Fusion Reborn

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Japanese Name: The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta

In Other World they are holding another Tournament to determine the greatest fighter in the Other World. Each Kai is confident their greatest fighter will win. Goku and Pikkon make it through to the final.

At Yemma's check-in station he is busy assigning souls to Heaven and Hell. All those souls going to Hell must first have their souls cleaned through a big machine and it is one demon's job to replace the tanks once they become full. However, the demon wasn't paying attention, the tank became overloaded and exploded, changing him into a giant monster - Janemba. The release of the evil Ki has possessed him and thrown the Other World into chaos. The disturbance is felt all the way at the Other World Tournament.

On Earth, things have been thrown into chaos too, with ghosts rising from the dead. At Goku's house, Gohan and Goten are eating with ChiChi and Videl when Videl gets a call about what is going on in the city. She and Gohan head out to the city as the 2 Great Saiyaman.

Back in the Other World, Goku and Pikkon are sent to see what is going on at Yemma's check-in station. The whole place has been imprisioned in a barrier by Janemba. Despite their efforts, their ki energy attacks are absorbed by the barrier. They see Janemba on the roof, Goku says he will fight him while Pikkon finds a way to break the barrier. Goku lures Janemba away and they land down in Hell and takes on all the Mini-Janemba's that he creates with relative ease.

Up on Earth, Gohan and Videl are dealing with the hoards of zombies invading the city when they are confronted by Frieza. Gohan tells Frieza that he was Goku's son who he fought so many years ago. Frieza, along with alot of the past villians attempt to attack Gohan, but are no match for them at all. Mr Satan is also down in the city dealing with zombies.

Elsewhere Goten and Trunks are collecting Dragon Balls, just finding the last one they need, and bringing them back home. With Bulma, Videl and Gohan they summon Shenlong, and ask for things to be put back to how they were. However, Shenlong says he cannot grant this wish as the fate of the deceased is in Yemma's hands.

Elsewhere, Pikkon is not making any progress with breaking the barrier that Yemma is sealed in. However, it begins to crack when he verbaly abuses it. Janemba is still fighting with Goku in Hell, niether seem to be making a lot of progress. Janemba seems to have a slight upperhand however, with his ability to teleport, forcing Goku to power up to Super Saiyan 3. In this form Goku is finally able to defeat Janemba, but rather than being destroyed, he morphs into a new form.

Back on Earth, Goten and Trunks have gone down to the city and are playing around with an army, showing off their strength.

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Meanwhile, Goku is fighting with the newly formed Janemba, this one proving to be a much more serious fighter and much more dangerous. Armed with a sword that can attack from long distances by sending slices of ki, he attacks Goku again. Just as things are begining to look bad for Goku, Vegeta appears, rescueing him. Vegeta says he will take over from here, despite Goku advising him not too, Janemba grabs a hold of Vegeta and hurls him towards the Mountain of Needles. Goku manages to catch Vegeta before he is too badly injured and the pair hide there, and decide what to do. Goku suggests that the use Fusion, which Vegeta refuses, prefering to die. Goku reminds Vegeta that he is already dead, but Vegeta still flat out refuses. Janemba has spotted them in the mountain and attacks, only narrowly missing them because Goku acted fast enough to save them. Vegeta is distraught that he is still inferior to Goku, and Goku understands that Vegeta won't fuse with him. However, Vegeta suprises him by agreeing to the fusion and the two teleport away just as Janemba begins to destroy the Needle Mountain.

They arrive a distance away from Janemba and Goku explains to Vegeta how to perform the Fusion. Vegeta can't believe how ridiculous it looks. The try the Fusion, however it is unsuccessful as Vegeta did not point his finger. Gogeta then must endure 30 minutes as a reject Fusion and try not to be killed by Janemba. Strangely, because this Gogeta is such an inadept fighter, Janemba is not able to read his moves very well.

Finally the Fusion wears off, and King Kai explains the mistake in their Fusion to them. Begrudgingly, Vegeta agrees to attempt the Fusion again, but before they are able to Janemba interferes. Pikkon appears and deals with Janemba, allowing Goku and Vegeta enough time to perform the Fusion. This time the fusion is successful. On Earth, Goten and Trunks are able to sense the ki of their fathers and perform the fusion too, fusing into Goetnks.

Gogeta is now perfectly formed and easily able to defeat Janemba, transforming him back into the demon he once was, who runs off at the sight of Gogeta. On Earth Gotenks launces 100 Gohst Kamikaze Attacks and obliterates the army.

After Gogeta's fusion has warn off, Vegeta says he never wants to fuse with Goku again and his spirit disappears. On Earth, Goten and Trunks say they know who helped them today and refuse to tell Gohan and Videl.

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