Fusion & Kid Buu Sagas

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[edit] Fusion & Kid Buu Sagas

Majin Buu's spree of terror continues, and his ruthlessness knows no bounds! In his quest to eliminate the remaining Z-Fighters, Buu has cut a path of destruction across the face of the Earth, leaving a trail of devastation so utterly complete that it may even be beyond the power of the Dragon Balls to repair...

With their efforts to stop Majin Buu quickly proving futile, the Z-Fighters have but one remaining hope against this seemingly invincible foe-the Fusion Technique! But for this desperate plan to succeed, Goku will have to join forces with his oldest rival, Vegeta! Can the combined efforts of these two mighty Saiyan warriors put a stop to Majin Buu once and for all? The final battle for the fate of the universe begins!

-Dragonball Z Season Nine Box Description

Episodes 254-261 Episodes 262-269 Episodes 270-277 Episodes 278-285 Episodes 286-291
254. The Evil of Men 262. Unlucky Break 270. Rip in the Universe 278. True Saiyans Fight Alone
E 278 02.jpg
286. Spirit Bomb Triumphant
E 286 04.jpg
255. Buu Against Buu 263. A Whole New Gohan 271. Vegito... Downsized 279. Battle for the Universe Begins
E 279 02.jpg
287. Celebrations with Majin Buu
E 287 03.jpg
256. Empty Planet 264. Search for Survivors 272. The Incredible Fighting Candy 280. Vegeta's Respect
E 280 02.jpg
288. He's Always Late
E 288 04.jpg
257. Time Struggle 265. Majin Buu Transforms 273. The Innards of Buu 281. Minute of Desperation
E 281 01.jpg
289. Granddaughter Pan
E 289 04.jpg
258. Super Moves of Gotenks 266. The Old Kai's Weapon 274. Mind Trap 282. Old Buu Emerges
E 282 04.jpg
290. Buu's Reincarnation
E 290 03.jpg
259. Trapped In Forever 267. Ready to Fuse? 275. Deadly Vision 283. Earth Reborn
E 283 04.jpg
291. Goku's Next Journey
E 291 04.jpg
260. Feeding Frenzy 268. Union of Rivals 276. Evil Kid Buu!
E 276 02.jpg
284. Call to Action
E 284 04.jpg
261. Gotenks Is Awesome! 269. Meet Vegito 277. End of Earth
E 277 03.jpg
285. People of Earth Unite
E 285 03.jpg
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