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[edit] Form 1

This form of Frieza is his weakest but he can still beat some sayians,such as Bardock. Vegeta, who was healed from the fight with Zarbon(post-transformation) was stronger than Frieza in this form so that meant Vegeta's power level was over 530,000, which was Frieza in this form.

[edit] Form 2

Form 2

After being tempted by Vegeta, Frieza transformed into this state where he boasted his power level was as high as 1 million, far surpassing anything the Z Fighters had ever encountered before. Frieza looks similar to before except he is much more taller and bulkier.His armor ,worn by his soliders,broke because his armor doesn't expand like the saiyans armor do. The horns on his head are also bent, and his voice is much lower and menacing. Frieza fought Piccolo in this form, after the later merged with Nail. Piccolo proved more than a worthy challenge, prompting Frieza to transform again.

[edit] Form 3

In this form Frieza's head gets bigger and his horns grow to the back with other horns formed.His face is much smaller and his nose grows into his mouth. This form has never been seen by anyone. His voice is still deep like his second form.He became far faster and stronger than Piccolo even after he fused with Nail.

[edit] Form 4

Form 4

Frieza transformed to this form to show the z fighters the ultimate fear.This is his natural form that makes him into a much shorter being, looking rather different to all his previous forms.Not only is this transformation more humanoid-like but this is also the first transformation Cooler was seen in, as we were not shown each of his three forms before that.

[edit] Form 4; Full Power

Form 4; Full Power

When he discovered he was no match for Super Saiyan Goku, Frieza increased his power level to 100% out of desperation. His muscle mass increases significantly. This also represents this form's major weakness, as Frieza's power gradually lowered during the battle with Goku, as a result of the continuous strain its power brought upon Frieza's body.

[edit] Form 5 (Cooler Only)

Cooler's 5th form

There was an extra form which was exclusive to Cooler, that Frieza never knew about or created himself. Cooler becomes tall and bulky, as well as gaining an alternate head shape and mask to cover his mouth. Despite being a lot more powerful, this extra form still wasn't strong enough to defeat a Super Saiyan.

[edit] Form 6 Golden (Frieza Only)

In Dragon Ball Z movie 15 Resurrection of F Frieza transformed to Golden fighting Goku. Goku showed Frieza his new from he reached that was Super Saiyan God and then Frieza transformed to be sure he could defeat him. The form is in the color golden and increased his power level alot.

=== Metal/Mecha Forms ==more powerfull to defeat a snail

[edit] Frieza's Unique Ways Of Creating His Forms

Many people do not realize this, but Frieza's forms works in the opposite way that all other characters transformations work. Every character in DB have transformations which are there to increase their power. Frieza's forms were created to suppress his power, not increase it.

This is a fact for the simple reason that Frieza's 4th form is his true self state, the way he looked when he was born. Frieza created forms 1-3 to suppress his power. In the battle against Goku, he transforms like everyone else, to increase power, but later it was revealed by Frieza himself that his 4th form was his TRUE self, and that forms 1-3 were created to suppress his ki because his full power was too much to control 24/7.

Compare that to the fact that when it comes to Saiyans, their base forms are their true selves, the way they were born. SSJ transformations are to increase power, and is not their true selves. It is their true power, I.E. full power yes, but not true selves.

Cooler works like everyone else. When we first see him, he is in his 1st form, and it is his true self state, like Frieza's 4th form, only difference is Cooler didn't have the suppressing forms Frieza created that were unique only to himself. Cooler however, had his own unique transformation, which was his 2nd form (stated to be his 4th form in bad Funi dub lines) that increased his power instead of suppressing it.

This is why we never see Frieza transform further from his 4th, true self state, other than 100% that is, because he and his brother work opposite of one another.

Frieza created forms to suppress. Cooler created a form to increase strength. This would suggest that people of Frieza's race can create forms on their own, and suit whatever purposes they need.

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