False Super Saiyan

False Super Saiyan Goku

This transformation was only seen once in the Dragonball universe, during the battle between Goku and Lord Slug. When the Super Saiyan concept was still in its developmental stages, Dragonball's animation company, Toei Animation, produced a movie that featured Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation. The stage was later called "Giji Super Saiyan", or "False Super Saiyan". This, to avoid confusion with the real Super Saiyan stage that was introduced in the manga and animated series.

[edit] Abilities

In this form, Goku's powerlevel is elevated far beyond his regular form. This was evident when even the mighty Slug was unable to even land a single punch. As a result of having more ki, Goku can perform attacks with much more power than ever before.

[edit] Characteristics

This form is said to be halfway in between a Saiyan's base form, and the actual Super Saiyan transformation itself. Goku's hair remains black, but becomes upright instead. In addition, Goku now has an aura around him that very closely resembles that of a real Super Saiyan. Also, his irises disappear.

[edit] Characters that used this transformation:

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