Evolution (PSP)

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Dragon Ball: Evolution
Dragon Ball Evolution 01.jpg

North American Box Art

Developer Namco Bandai Games
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Platform PSP
Release Date(s) (North America) April 8, 2009

(Japan) March 19, 2009
(Europe) April 17, 2009

Genre Fighting
Rating (T) Teen Adolescents
Back Box Cover Art Dragon Ball Evolution 02.jpg

[edit] Dragon Ball: Evolution Game Summary

The Legend Comes to Life!

Join Goku in a race to retrieve 7 mystical Dragon Balls before evil Lord Piccolo can unleash their power on mankind. The fate of the world is in your hands!

-Back Box Cover Description

[edit] Features

  • Fast-paced, intense, head-to-head combat!
  • Based on the 20th century Fox theatrical release.
  • Dozens of powerful moves... Hours of gameplay!

-Back Box Cover Description

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