Emperor Pilaf

[edit] Character Description

Emperor Pilaf or simply Pilaf is a fictional character from Dragonball and Dragonball GT.

[edit] Plot involvement

Pilaf is the first real Villain in Dragon Ball. He is a little blue guy who tries to collect all seven Dragonballs to wish for world domination. however thanks mostly to Goku his plans get foiled over and over again. he appeared in Dragonball in the Emperor Pilaf, Red Ribbon, King Piccolo and the Piccolo Jr Sagas.

He doesnt appear at all in Dragonball Z however he makes a brief comeback in GT where he learned after years of studying that there are special Dragonballs (Blackstars) located at Kami's lookout which he tries to steal. when he is about to make his wish, Goku appears and Pilaf accidently wishes him back to a child.

[edit] Trivia

Pilaf is a pun on rice.

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