Dragonball Evolution

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Dragonball Evolution
DB Evolution 01.jpg

North American DVD Box Shot
Director/Writer James Wong
Producers Main Producer - Stephen Chow

Mexico Line Producer - Jose Ludlow
Co-Producer - Rich Thorne
Executive Producer - Tim Van Rellim

Studio 20th Century Fox
Release Date(s) (NA) April 10th 2009

(Asia) March 13th 2009

Genre Action

[edit] Dragonball Evolution


Dragonball Evolution is the first installment of an actual Hollywood based movie for the popular anime and manga series of Dragon Ball. This movie launched in theaters all across the world. It was well appreciated and adored by those in China and Japan, as for America this was not the story. Americans expected more out of the Dragonball Evolution movie.

The characters could have been created better to look even more like the ones from the anime. There was much disappointment in the showing of the dragon and of Oozaru. The movie also failed to show any awesome monsters like the dinosaurs that have been shown throughout the anime series. Overall, Americans just did not like the movie as much as Japan and China.

One plus that the movie achieves though is that it does a great job in modernizing the Dragon Ball series, taking it from a perspective not of Goku as a child but as a teen living in the world of the challenges in a highschool.

Raking over more than 40 million dollars, from just Japan and China, there is expected to be a sequel to this movie in the coming years. Hopefully, to please Americans, this will be a sequel that knocks the first movie off the shelves.

[edit] Movie

[edit] Cast

Dragonball Evolution covers the time span of the anime from the beginning of the Dragonball series to the very end with the fight between Goku and Piccolo. Many events that happened in between have been cut out, but to fit a whole series including 9 sagas with a total of 153 episodes into just one Hollywood movie, I think this was pretty well accomplished. Throughout the movie appears many of the main characters from the sagas including, Goku, Grandpa Goku, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Mr. Popo, Piccolo, Mai, Oozaru, and the Dragon.

The only member of the cast that is not played by anyone would be the dragon. The dragon that appeared in the movie was created completely by computer animation while the rest of the cast have their own actors or actresses playing their parts.

One thing that Americans believed could have been done, completely, better would have been the make-up of the characters. As for the Chinese and Japanese, they simply loved the movie in every respect, surprisingly enough. Controversial views of the movie just goes to show how the Japanese, who created the Dragon Ball franchise, loved the American made movie, while Americans disliked it but love the Japanese created Dragonball anime series.

[edit] Goku

DB Evolution Goku 01.jpg

The protagonist, the fighter, and the hero of Dragonball Evolution is the character of Goku a fictional character of the Dragoball series' who is played by actor Justin Chatwin.

Justin Chatwin was born on October 31, 1982 in British Columbia, Canada. He is famous not only for playing the part of Goku in Dragonball Evolution but also for many other movies and TV series. The following movies he has played in are: The Invisible, Middle of Nowhere, War of the Worlds, The Chumscrubber, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, Taking Lives, and many others. He has also played many different parts in popular Television series like Weeds, Shameless, and Lost.

Overall, Chatwin did a fairly decent job of capturing the character of Goku. He managed to pull off Goku's comical attitude along with his obliviousness to common sense. Chatwin was definitely a character who placed a different spin on Goku's appearance though, seemingly looking quite different from the Goku we all know from the anime series.


In Dragonball Evolution, Chatwin played as Goku appears with long brown hair of a Caucasian race. Goku is tall and skinny. He doesn't end up wearing his commonly known outfit of orange and blue until the very ending. One plus to the movie is that at times Goku's hair does tend to spike up like it would in the anime series when he is powering up.

Many Americans who have watched the anime series would have been thinking, "Goku is white?" While all along they had been assuming Goku would have been of a different racial decent, of the Saiyan race of course. The character of Goku looks no different from any other common Caucasian teenager living on Earth.

The director and creator of the movie could have at the least added a special feature to Goku making him stand out among the pack as having Saiyan blood running through his body. Why didn't they just add a tail? One more disappointment to add to the movie, for Americans at least, was the fact that Goku did not ever have a tail at any time in the movie.

Plot Involvement

Goku plays the protagonist and hero of the Dragonball Evolution movie. He is seen throughout the entire movie. Goku plays the part of teen Goku who attends highschool and some parties. In the process of his studies, Goku also trains with his grandfather, Grandpa Gohan. Gohan's main goal in the movie is to help Goku develop his key to unlock his soul energy, the energy he will need to save the planet of Earth from destruction.

Goku begins with barely even being able to blow out candles using wind kinesis. As a character he grows more powerful in the movie reaching the level of being able to preform his most known move the kamehameha!

[edit] Grandpa Gohan

DB Evolution Grandpa Gohan 01.jpg

As the only known family to Goku on the planet of Earth, Grandpa Goku is played by Randall Duk Kim.

Randall Duk Kim was born on September 24, 1943. He has played in a few of the most popular Hollywood movies and Television series. These include: The Last Airbender, Ninja Assassin, Kung Fu Panda, Year of the Fish, Falling for Grace, Homecoming, The Matrix Reloaded, and many more. As for the Television series' he has played in, these include the following: Fringe, New Amsterdam, Cashmere Mafia, Thief(a mini-series), and Hawaii Five-O.

There isn't much to say about the character of Grandpa Gohan because he was not mentioned much in the anime series and was relatively a mysterious character. In the movie, Kim did a great job with training Goku and allowing the audience to get a first time look at how Grandpa Gohan's personality, looks, and acts. Kim looked rather close to the appearance of what pictures have been shown of Grandpa Gohan in the anime series. There couldn't have been a better actor for this character. The creators and developers did an excellent job on this part for both the stand points of Americans and the Chinese and Japanese.


Grandpa Gohan has always been a mysterious character to the Dragonball anime series. He was mentioned once there and once here. A few pictures were even shown for what he looked like. Kim played the character and is a short man with completely white hair and of an Asian race. This in short could not have fit the part of Grandpa Gohan any better.

Plot Involvement

Gohan starts out by training Goku and helping him to unlock his inner key. Gohan impresses Goku with his ability to preform powerful wind kinesis and other energy blasts. One major and key part of the movie is that Grandpa Gohan leaves Goku with his four-star Dragonball on Gohan's birthday. Which survives as another different from the series. In modernizing the movie to fit the current era Goku is actually shown living with his Granpa Gohan instead of simply mention him to Bulma when they first meet in the Dragonball series.

[edit] Chi Chi

DB Evolution Chi-Chi 01.jpg

The character of Chi-Chi is one of the many secondary characters in the Dragonball Evolution movie along with the series. This character is played by Jamie Ji-Lynn Chung.

Jamie Ji-Lynn Chung was born on April 10, 1983 in San Francisco, California. She is a rather new actress who plays in a majority of Television series' and a few movies. The following movies she plays in are: Grown Ups, Burning Palms, Sorority Row, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and a few others. As for the vast majority of television series' that she plays in are as follows: Greys Anatomy, Castle, Samurai Girl, Greek, Days of Our Lives(soup opera), and Veronica Mars.

Chi-Chi was first introduced in the Dragonball series through a meeting with Goku and the Ox-King, her father. In Dragonball Evolution, the Ox-King is never mentioned, so there are no facts to provide us with the character of her father. Chung does an great job in portraying the role of Chi-Chi, even if it was as a teen, in the movie. She captures Chi-Chi's old, but young, characteristics of a young girl who loves to fight and protect others.


In the Dragonball anime series Chi-Chi is a young girl who has been trained by her father to fight and save others. She appears to be of Asian race with long dark-brown hair and dark-brown eyes. She is short, feisty, and has a bit of an attitude. Chung plays Chi-Chi's role as a teenager, never shown within the anime series. She resembles Chi-Chi extremely well given she is Asian, has long dark-brown hair, her height, and dark-brown eyes. A few difference between the Chi-Chi from the Dragonball anime and the movie would have to be that Chung as the actress isn't as feisty and defense towards Goku like she was in the anime. However, Chung does manage to capture Chi-Chi's strong and defense attitude and fighting style in a few scenes. Chung is also shown wearing some of the same attributes of the young Chi-Chi's attire from the anime.

Plot Involvement

Chi-Chi sees Goku in school and catches him doing something that only herself would understand. She sees Goku channeling his key and this is not surprising to her because she herself has this ability as well.

In the movie Chi-Chi lives in a large, Hollywood style mansion(you could call it), showing that she is brought up with wealth. Helps to tie in to her original character from the anime as her and her father the Ox-King had once lived in a castle on top of a mountain of fire. In the movie, however, there is no mountain of fire that she lives on top of, due to the modernization of the movie's theme. During the movie Chi-Chi and Goku become close from the very beginning and their relationship strengthens as the plot continues.

Chi-Chi is also shown helping Goku to channel his inner key and her help actually works. Goku's desire and admiration or like for Chi-Chi helps him to channel his inner key and complete a challenge that is given to him during the movie. Chi-Chi plays a game with Goku asking him if he can defeat the challenge then he can come face-to-face with her and his dreams may come true.

[edit] Bulma

DB Evolution Bulma 01.jpg

One of the first characters that Goku runs into, almost ending in a death match, is Bulma a very popular attribute to the Dragonball anime series. In the movie Dragonball Evolution, Bulma is played by Emmy Rossum.

Emmy Rossum's full name is Emmanuelle Grey Rossum and she was born on September 12, 1986 in New York City, New York. Rossum has appeared in quite a few of the most popular Hollywood movies ever made. These include: The Day After Tomorrow(she played the second protagonist), The Phantom of the Opera, Dare, Poseidon, Mystic River, Nola, and a bunch of others! She has also played in a few Television series' including: As the World Turns(soap opera), Shameless, The Practice, The Audrey Hepburn Story, Snoops, Law and Order, and some others.

Bulma was introduced on the very first episode of the Dragonball anime. She ran into Goku and was in search of Dragon Balls. She noticed Goku had a Dragonball and together they began to work to find them all. Bulma has a sharp but also innocent attitude. She doesn't allow to be taken advantage of, but when something scary, big, and intimidating pops up she's willing to give up whatever object of wealth she can to survive. Bulma remains as the daughter of Mr. Brief and of the capsule corporation in the movie even though Capsule Corp. is never shown from the outside, her personality as a movie character also fits the character in the anime almost perfectly.


In the entire Dragonball series Bulma is already well into her teen years. She is of medium height, has a head full of blue hair, and of a Caucasian race. As for the Bulma played by Rossum in the Dragonball Evolution movie, the character is somewhat different from the anime; all of these differences are a bit too much for the hardcore fans of the Dragonball anime series.

The character of Bulma in the movie has dark-brown hair with one sliver of blue, to establish this character as Bulma. She wears a more sophisticated outfit, fit for her personality at the time and her working position at Capsule Corp. Everything about Bulma's appearance is almost right on except for her hair. The biggest mistake that the creators made was not giving Bulma a full set blue hair. The blue silver did it's job to establish the character, but if it were to be completely blue this would have gratified the fans much more.

Plot Involvement

Bulma first runs into Goku using her Dragonball Radar which tracts her straight to him since he has the four-star ball that his Grandpa gave him. They begin in a small brawl which leads a to fight that almost ends in a death. The two soon come to the conclusion that they must work together to search for all of the dragon balls. This scene is nothing like how the two met in the anime, but for the modernization purposes, the creators did a good job with creating a scene for Bulma and Goku to meet. It's rather similar to the anime and doesn't destroy the movie in anyway.

Bulma even introduces herself to Goku as Bulma Brief, furthering establishing her character in the movie and tying it more to the anime. Bulma explains she works for Capsule Corp. and her father is it's creator. This all goes along with the anime. The inside of Capsule Corp. is briefly shown. It contains systems that are very high-tech and modern to the time in the movie and also helps to keep Capsule Corp. as a highly technological corporation, just like it was in the Dragonball anime. The movie also uses the aspect of capsules, this has not be passed up, and the showing of them is nicely done!

[edit] Master Roshi

DB Evolution Master Roshi 01.jpg

Old and seemingly never aging, Master Roshi, meets Gohan on his search for the dragonballs in the original Dragonball anime series. In the movie Master Roshi is played by Yun-Fat Chow.

Yun-Fat Chow was born on May 18, 1955 in Hong Kong on Lamma Island. I find this strange since the character Chow plays, Roshi, lives on an island in the middle of the ocean in the actual Dragonball anime. Chow is most famous for the massive amount of movies he has appeared in. These include: Shanghai, Confucius, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Curse of the Golden Flower, Crouching Tiger- Hidden Dragon, The Replacement Killers, and much, much more!

Master Roshi was introduced into the Dragonball anime series a few episodes down the road. As Bulma and Goku are on their search for the Dragonballs they end up meeting up with Roshi at his house on an island in the middle of the ocean. In the movie, Roshi does not live on an island in the middle of the ocean. Instead he lives in a house that is completely secluded on an island of a sort without any water surrounding it. The house is also in the middle of the city with small steps leading to it from the main streets. Due to the modernization of the movie, this could be why Roshi does not live in his house on the beach in the middle of the ocean. Roshi has the personality of an old, pervert. He also packs a big fight, although he is not the strongest. When a confrontation hits, Roshi is willing to do whatever it takes to take out his foe. The personality and actions of Roshi are extremely in sync with those of the movie's character.


In the Dragonball anime Roshi appears as an old, short man with completely white hair. He wears big glasses hiding his mysterious eyes. Roshi also is often caught wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Opposed to the Dragonball Evolution movie, Roshi does not have white hair, does not have glasses, does not wear shorts, and does not wear a Hawaiian shirt. He does not live on an island in the middle of the ocean so this can explain why he doesn't wear what he does in the anime series. The character of Master Roshi would have appeared better to audiences if the creators would have had him wear big thick glasses and dyed white hair.

Plot Involvement

The anime and the movie are fairly the same with how Goku and Bulma both meet Master Roshi. Even though the situations are different, in the anime they meet on an island, in the movie they meet in the middle of the city. Goku first starts out in a deep battle against Roshi in the movie. Then they all come to peace and realize what is truly at stake, the dragonballs must be collected to save the world. Roshi shows them his dragonball and they all leave to continue on the journey.

[edit] Yamcha

DB Evolution Yamcha 01.jpg

In the Dragonball anime series, Yamcha appears sometime along Goku's adventure in searching for the dragonballs. In the movie Yamcha is played by Joon Park.

Joon Park was born on July 20, 1969. He hasn't been in the movie industry for long seeing as he has only been in a few movies and a TV series. These include: Speed Racer(the movie), and Dark Blue(the TV Series).

In the anime series as Bulma and Goku are traveling Earth in search of the dragonballs. Yamcha and his follower and shape-shifting cat, Puar, meet Goku and Bulma with the goal to steal whatever valuables they possess. Yamcha was portrayed as a desert bandit and a thief in the anime series who used his talents of pic-locking as well as his partner in crime to steal from others.

The Dragonball Evolution movie fails to compete with the Yamcha from the anime series. Evolution's Yamcha has a personality that is too stronger than that of the anime's Yamcha when it comes to being in the presence of girls. Evolution also fails to even include the character of Puar which would have added more enjoyment in the movie for those who are fans of the anime. Yamcha in the anime was very shy when it came to the subject of girls. He was a great bandit but could never steal a girl's heart(for the least bit). In the movie Yamcha has a stronger attitude towards girls and his personality shows to be less of a shy guy and more of a stubborn man who will do what it takes to get what he wants, in both cases, Bulma.


Yamcha appears as a fighter with long dark hair, similar to the adult Goku, in the anime series. However, in the movie Yamcha looks completely different. He has hair that isn't as near as long as depicted in the anime and they gave him blond highlights. They got the race right, but definitely not the look. All that comes along with Yamcha is modernized for the movie, but with the loss of Yamcha's look, his non-existent pet Puar, and difference in personality, the creators did a 'bang-up' job of portraying this character in the movie.

Plot Involvement

In the anime series Yamcha comes across Goku and Bulma when they are searching for the dragonballs. Yamcha and Puar try and steal from them. Goku and Bulma at this point are alone and together in their journey. In contrast to the anime, the movie has Yamcha meet Goku, Bulma, and Roshi. Yamcha never tries to steal from the three, but he does slip a few bribes in. Yamcha also traps the three. Then when times become tough Yamcha thinks level-headed and helps the three in the search of the dragonballs to save Earth against the evil Piccolo!

[edit] Mr Popo

DB Evolution Mr. Popo 01.png

In the Dragonball anime series Mr. Popo is the assistant to the supreme guardian of Earth at Kami's lookout. In the Dragonball Evolution movie, Mr. Popo is played by Ernie Hudson.

Ernie Hudson born as Earnest Lee Hudson on December 17, 1945 in the state of Michigan, specifically Benton Harbor. Hudson is most famous for the countless amount of TV series he has appeared in. He has also played a few roles in movies. The TV series he has appeared in are as follows: Transformers Prime, Criminal Minds, Children's Hospital, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Law & Order, Heroes, Private Practice, Bones, Psych, Las Vegas, Desperate Housewives, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Oz, Touched by an Angel, and so many others. Movies that Hudson has acted in are: Underground Entertainment: The Movie, Machete Joe, Pastor Brown, Fatal Secrets, The Man in the Silo, All Hat, Nobel Son, Hood of Horror, Halfway Decent, Ghostbusters(I, II, III), and much, much more!

In Evolution, Master Roshi meets Mr. Popo to receive a special object that is needed in defeating the Evil Piccolo from destroying Earth. Mr. Popo is only shown in one scene of the movie. In the anime series, Mr. Popo is only shown here and there. The animators do not get too in-depth with this character. He remains mysterious while having the personality of the simply helpful assistant to Kami at the look-out.

The movie actually incorporates the character of Mr. Popo while failing to mention where he is currently residing at, specifically the Look-Out. Mr. Popo plays a small role in the movie, not even too significant. This was no flaw because the character doesn't even play that big of a role in the anime series. One thing that is odd, is in the movie the creators decided to name Hudson as Sifu Norris. Sifu Norris has never been mentioned in the anime series and would come to be a completely new character to Dragonball. They may not have done their research completely on the subject of the anime series or just missed the correct title of the character.


Mr. Popo appears with a turban on his head and has completely black skin, literally. He is also short and fat in the anime series. In the movie, Mr. Popo cannot be determined to be tall or short, for he is only shown sitting down at a table that is close to the ground. The character is played by a dark-skinned African-American man, one that the creators could not have done wrong on. He is not wearing a turban on his head and does not appear to be fat, however, he is shown wearing clothes that you would imagine the Mr. Popo from the anime series to wear. The character of Mr. Popo in Evolution is also quite mysterious, only playing a small role in the movie, another good aspect to the comparison of the movie vs. the anime series.

Plot Involvement

The character of Mr. Popo is only shown in one short scene in the Dragonball Evolution movie. He plays, again, a small role. Master Roshi visited Mr. Popo to retrieve a small object that looks just like a genie's lamp. Mr. Popo helped the others, Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, and Roshi, to hopefully destroy the Evil Piccolo. Without Mr. Popo, the world may be destroyed.

[edit] Piccolo

DB Evolution Piccolo 01.jpg

Piccolo has a few different roles through the three different Dragonball anime series'. In the very beginning, King Piccolo is evil. In the other series', like Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT, Piccolo became a fellow fighter working alongside Goku as a partner and even a close trainer to his son, Gohan. In the movie Piccolo is played by James Marsters.

James Marsters born as James Wesley Marsters. He was born on August 20, 1962 in Greenville, in the state of California. Marsters is most known for the tons of TV series' he has appeared in. There have also been a nice amount of movies that he acts in. TV series appearances are: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Hawaii Five-O, Smallville, Caprica, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Without a Trace, Saving Grace, The Mountain, Spider-Man, and tons more. Movies that he has acted in: P.S. I Love You, Superman/Doomsday, Shadow Puppets, Chance, House on Haunted Hill, and a few others.

In the movie, Marsters plays as, Piccolo, the supreme antagonist to the protagonist, Goku. Piccolo, known as Lord Piccolo, is an evil, mastermind with intentions of destroying planet Earth by collecting the Dragonballs. In the anime, Piccolo split himself into two parts. One was completely evil and the other completely good. He was the evil part and the good was created into the character of Kami. Kami became the guardian of Earth but was never in the movie. Evil Piccolo was sealed away, but then he was released by a popular character, Emperor Pilaf. Pilaf ran with two henchmen, Mai and Shu.

Oddly enough, in the movie, Piccolo is actually using Mai as his own henchman. This definitely differs from the Dragonball anime series seeing as she was only associated with Pilaf. The movie does a good job with capturing the character of the Evil Piccolo from the anime. There are a few aspects that seem quite strange about the movie Piccolo though. The movie's version of Piccolo is more of a combination of the Evil Piccolo and Emperor Pilaf from the anime series. Pilaf did help resurrect Piccolo in the anime leading to the creators possibly combining the two characters. Pilaf, throughout the whole anime series, had always wished to collect all of the Dragonballs to cause destruction to the world. In the movie, Piccolo is on a search for all of the Dragonballs in hopes to destroy Earth while also traveling with Mai. These two aspects definitely show through to avid fans who watch the movie while comparing it to the anime.


One of the worst things that the creators could have done is with their outlook and creation of the character of Piccolo. There are a few things that stick out to many of those fans to the original series, as dislikes, towards the movie's version of Piccolo. The most apparent difference from the anime Piccolo and the movie version is that the character has no antennas protruding from his head. In the anime, Piccolo had two antennas that were visible and standing in air on his head similar to how hair stands straight up on a humans head, but in the movie his antennas are stuck inside of his head, even though you can see them. This was one of the biggest mistakes the creators could have done that "turned fans off" towards the movie. Piccolo is also shown wearing a black, leather suit while this is something he never wore in the anime. Overall, they may have been able to capture the character while adding aspects of Pilaf in, they did a terrible job with the make-up, special effects, and appearance of Piccolo.

Plot Involvement

Piccolo is shown many times throughout the movie alongside his henchman, Mai. The two work together to steal and collect the Dragonballs. His goal is to become supreme leader of Earth and destroy it. Goku, and friends, are completely against Piccolo and Mai as they collect Dragonballs too to try and stop him. The main event for Piccolo in the movie would have to be close to the climax when he is battling against Goku. Goku, appearing as just a teen, will be no match for Piccolo. He knows he will be capable of getting rid of this small bump in his road to successfully destroy Earth. Goku is even a bit unsure of his true powers, while Piccolo knows a secret. He knows that Goku will be transforming in their battle into Oozaru, a crazy giant monkey that wants to destroy everything, which he plans to use to his advantage. Will Piccolo's plans succeed? Will Goku work to his advantage? Who will win?

[edit] Mai

DB Evolution Mai 02.jpg

Mai is shown in the anime series as one of the two henchmen of Emperor Pilaf. For reasons only known to the creators, she is Piccolo's main follower in the movie. Mai is played by Eriko Tamura.

Eriko Tamura was born on January 16, 1973 in Ibaraki, Japan. Tamura is famous for a small amount of TV series and movie appearances. These are with two TV shows first followed by movies: Reaper, Heroes, Surf School, Spotting a Seat on a Commuter Train, and a few others that are mainly Japanese titles.

Mai never appeared with Piccolo, especially as one of his hencmen, in the anime. In the movie, however, Mai is indeed Piccolo's main assistant. She follows Piccolo throughout the movie while also searching Earth to retrieve Dragonballs for her leader at his request. Mai, as a henchman for Emperor Pilaf, is first depicted with a strong personality that slowly fades to someone who is scared and weak against powers that are stronger than her own.

In the movie, Mai has a completely different personality. She is quite evil. Doing many malicious deeds for Piccolo, he has grown on her, she does not mind killing a few here and there if it means she can get a hold of a Dragonball. Killing people was not something Mai did in the anime, she was more into beating someone to a pulp and leaving them to dry out but never finishing them off. Mai also is shown fighting many times throughout the movie. She even completes a nice, intelligent task that helps Piccolo and her in their search for Dragonballs and battle against Goku and his friends. In the anime, Mai was more stupid than in the movie, she would have never done something so smart to help Emperor Pilaf out. Mai is also more strong-willed and is determined to complete her job for Piccolo never giving up. Her strong personality doesn't seem to fade in the movie like what happened in the anime.


In the anime, Mai is depicted as a white-woman who is tall and dressed in fighting gear. In the movie she is of Asian Race, putting a different spin to her character. She is somewhat tall and in modern-day fighting clothes-stylish and shiny black! The difference between Mai in the movie from the anime are significant showing that the movie was more into giving Mai a better look and character personality.

Plot Involvement

Mai is Piccolo's best henchman in the movie. She does all of Piccolo's deeds by searching Earth for him to collect the Dragonballs. She appears in many scenes throughout the movie, mainly by Piccolo's side. There are a few excellently done scenes were Mai is shown fighting against others, specifically Goku, Chi-Chi, and Bulma. Will Mai succeed in her mission for Piccolo?

[edit] Oozaru

DB Evolution Oozaru 02.jpg


In the anime, Oozaru is shown as a giant ape that Goku transforms into. As in giant, Oozaru, is hundreds of feet tall and has a long tail. His eyes are blood red and gleaming. In the movie, Oozaru is only a few feet taller from the height of Goku after the complete transformation. He doesn't have a tail. The only aspect he shares to the anime character is his red eyes. Everything else about him was a fail and another "turn off" for all fans to the anime who watched the movie. The creators did a miserable job in the appearance of Oozaru. He looked mostly fake and noticeably done as a complete special effect. There was no original vividness to the character nor anything special about him.

Plot Involvement

During the climax of the movie, Goku transforms into Oozaru without even knowing. He grows a few feet taller and into a tailless ape. Oozaru begins to destroy those around him, without really knowing what to do besides cause destruction. This is very similar to the anime character. Piccolo plans to use Oozaru, in the battle, to his advantage. Will this work out? Or will Goku's true heart take over and win him the battle?

[edit] Shenron

DB Evolution Dragon 01.jpg


Shenron appeared in the anime anytime someone on Earth would summon him using the Dragonballs. He appears as a green dragon that is hundreds, maybe thousands, of feet long. Shenron is also an amazingly big dragon covering most of the sky when he is summoned. The movie's version of Shenron was a huge disappoint to the fans. They tore the appearance of Shenron to pieces. He appears like a small dragon, not even green, and only about 20 feet long. The Shenron in the movie doesn't speak as well, even though he did in the anime, giving him more of a personality and character.

Plot Involvement

Shenron appears after the climax of the movie. He has been summoned by the Dragonballs and only appears for a short time. Who has summoned him though? Piccolo or Goku?

[edit] Crew

Original Music by

  • Brian Tyler

Cinematography by

  • Robert McLachlan

Film Editing by

  • Chris G. Willingham

Casting by

  • Carla Hool

Production Design by

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  • Bruton Jones

Art Direction by

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Set Decoration by

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Costume Design by

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Makeup Department

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Production Management

  • Adriana Aimo - unit production manager
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Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

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Art Department

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  • Armando Patino - graphic designer
  • Hugo Santiago - set designer
  • Steven M. Saylor - set designer
  • Jordu Schell - conceptual creature designer
  • Abigail Sheiner - art coordinator
  • Joseph Strachan - storyboard artist
  • Colin Thurston - property master
  • Marco Apolo Torres - set designer
  • Alexandre Tuis - concept artist
  • Sandro Valdez - set designer

Special Effects by

  • H. Barclay Aaris - special effects
  • Jason Barnett - prosthetic technician: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
  • Michael Broom - conceptual artist: Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.
  • Damian Fisher - mold maker/special effects technician
  • Anthony Grow - special effects technician
  • Eric Hayden - creature supervisor
  • Michael Heintzelman - project office coordinator: Amalgamated Dynamics
  • Hiroshi Katagiri - designer/sculptor: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
  • Casey D. Noel - special effects technician
  • Mark Noel - special effects foreman
  • Michael O’Brien - sculptor: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
  • Joe Pancake - special effects supervisor
  • Michael Heintzelman - graphic layout: Amalgamated Dynamics (uncredited)

Visual Effects by

  • Ivy Agregan - visual effects coordinator
  • Rex Ahn - pre-visualization lead: Image Engine
  • Alp Altiner - Visual FX Art Director: CAFE FX
  • Russel Ang - pre-visualization artist: Image Engine
  • Ian T. Barbella - visual effects
  • Guillermo Dupinet Bours - junior pre-visualization animator: Ollin
  • Joel Burch - pre-visualization artist: Image Engine
  • David Urresti Chiu - animation supervisor: pre-visualization, Ollin Studio
  • David Cole - supervising digital colourist
  • Donnie Creighton - digital intermediate producer
  • Robin L. D’Arcy - visual effects producer: previz
  • Fernando del Campo - visual effects coordinator
  • Nicholas Dunlevy - visual effects coordinator: second unit
  • Charlene Eberle Douglas - visual effects: plate supervisor (as Charlene Eberle)
  • David Feinsilber - visual effects assistant
  • Patti Gannon - visual effects supervisor: Zoic Studios
  • Safeer Ghaznavi - digital compositor
  • Jason Michael Hall - pre-visualization artist: Persistence of Vision
  • Charlie Iturriaga - visual effects supervisor: previz
  • Mike Leben - motion control operator
  • Daniel Lowenberg - lead tracking artist: Frantic Films
  • Arturo Martin Camargo - previsualization animator
  • Patrick McNabb - pre-visualization artist: Image Engine
  • Janet Muswell - visual effects producer
  • Claudio Jimenez Palomar - pre-visualisation artist: Image Engine
  • George Samilski - pre-visualization supervisor: Image Engine
  • Jorge Siller - creature fabrication: head of textura creature shop, fabricating creature suits, Amalgamated Dynamics
  • Colin Strause - visual effects supervisor
  • Greg Strause - visual effects supervisor
  • Ariel Velasco-Shaw - visual effects supervisor
  • Bob White - visual effects: Zoic Studios
  • Joey Wilson - pre-visualisation artist: Image Engine
  • Nicki Wong - pre-visualization artist: Image Engine
  • Carson Yuen - pre-visualisation artist: Image Engine


  • Freddy Bouciegues - stunts
  • Janene Carleton - stunt double: Emmy Rossum
  • Lateef Crowder - stunts
  • Jared S. Eddo - stunt coordinator
  • Jonathan Eusebio - martial arts stunt coordinator
  • Daniel Hernandez - stunt double
  • Dusan Hyska - utility stunts
  • Yoshio Iizuka - stunt double: Gohan
  • Ralf Koch - stunt rigger
  • Ming Liu - stunt double
  • Sam Looc - utility stunts
  • Hernan Raygoza - stunts
  • Jackson Spidell - stunt double: Justin Chatwin
  • Don Tai - stunt double: Yun-Fat Chow
  • Jon Valera - stunts
  • César René Vigné - stunt double: Justin Chatwin
  • Ryan Watson - stunts
  • Mike Wilson - stunts

Camera and Electrical Department

  • Carlos Doerr - first assistant camera
  • Wilma Gómez Luengo - focus puller: “a” camera
  • Casey Hotchkiss - camera operator
  • Juan Pablo Ojeda - assistant camera: second unit

Animation Department

  • Mike Jahnke - lead animator
  • Jason Labbe - character rigging
  • Louis Leung - animator
  • Mario Pochat - animation supervisor
  • Agustin Robles Villegas - previsualization artist

Casting Department

  • PoPing AuYeung - casting: Asia
  • Jennifer Cram - casting associate
  • Genaro Hernandez - casting assistant
  • Ricardo Hernandez - casting associate
  • Dylan Jury - casting assistant
  • Lina Todd - additional casting
  • Rodrigo Urbano - casting associate
  • Dan Velez - casting associate

Costume and Wardrobe Department

  • Valerie Manahan - costume supervisor
  • Emanuel Mecholuam - set costumer
  • Mariana Mechoulam - set costumer
  • Africa Zayas - set costumer

Editorial Department

  • Angela Gerardo - post-production coordinator
  • Justin C. Green - first assistant editor

Music Department

  • Dana Niu - orchestrator

Transportation Department

  • Ricardo Díaz - transportation coordinator
  • Alfonso Paredes - driver
  • Edmundo Pérez - dispatcher
  • Hector Salomon - picture car coordinator

Other crew

  • Juan Aguirre - first assistant accountant: Mexico
  • Deborah J. Chesebro - post-production accountant/production accountant: second unit
  • Martin Corkidi - location manager
  • Marina Filippelli - production coordinator: second unit
  • Carlos Larios - production assistant
  • Norberto Nava - security coordinator
  • Julie Ng - epk producer
  • John Parker - production accountant
  • Tony Patterson - assistant to executive producer
  • Walter Vega Puig - production assistant
  • Arturo Romero - production accountant
  • Horacio Sandoval - assistant location manager
  • Mark Shultz - production coordinator
  • Efrén Valladares - assistant office production coordinator
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