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[edit] Anime

There have been tons of anime movies that go right along with the Dragonball series'. For the very first series, Dragonball included four special anime movies that went right along with the saga's plot lines.

For the second series, Dragonball Z included a surprisingly large amount of anime movies, thirteen to be exact. These movies all followed along with the Dragonball Z saga's plot lines. There were also a three anime TV specials created for Dragonball Z. These also followed the plot of the series.

For the final series, Dragonball GT includes only one anime movie to conclude the series of Dragonball as a whole. This movie follows what happens after the last few episodes of Dragonball GT and then continues to show what happens to officially conclude the series of Dragonball.

[edit] Dragonball

[edit] Dragonball Z

[edit] Dragonball Z TV Specials

[edit] Dragonball GT TV Specials

[edit] Movie

There had finally be a make of a Dragonball movie that was not anime. This movie was not a cartoon, but it was based off real-life characters and life scenes. This movie also made it to a few theaters across the U.S.

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