Dead Zone

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[edit] The Dead Zone

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Japanese Name: Return My Gohan!

Piccolo starts us out in a very desolate region of the Earth where cliffs and rocks are abundant and humans are scarce. He uses his ultimate strength to collect enough energy to destroy two standing, rocky cliffs. Thinking deeply about his last battle with Goku, Piccolo wishes to return the embarrassment with a rematch, a fight Goku wouldn’t regret. One where Piccolo believes he will be able to finally defeat Goku on the fighting mat. After the small defeat of the two quiet cliffs, the smoke begins to clear and all of a sudden two dark, mischevious foes enter Piccolo’s mind-focusing spot. These two unknown beings begin to fight off Piccolo without haste. What could be going on in Piccolo’s mind at this spot? Could it be that these two have heard his thoughts and have come to the rescue of Goku’s name?

As the two muggers begin with a sneaky uppercut in the air, the second goes for a left smash into the side of Piccolo, both hitting him at an off-guard rate. Piccolo catches sight of the muggers while trying to react fast enough to their blows only to be thrown off even further by a third shadowy figure wanting to put his head on a stick. In conclusion to this stealthy stunt one of the figures jumps on Piccolo forcing him towards gravity while the other two join giving Piccolo a final beating before he falls to his death. When falling Piccolo looks up at his predators and makes a note to find out who they are after he recovers from a to-be faked, death.

The three monsters gather on a hill along with a fourth a giant who stands in front of a fifth a smaller fellow announcing his defeat of King Piccolo and Kame.

Kame looks into the future and believes he is seeing Goku kill Piccolo. He clears the fog to see Piccolo’s true killers.

Gohan sifts through his book on bugs while standing amongst their habitat in the woods. He hears the sound of a car wondering who it could be. Gohan jumps in excitement at seeing his grandpa driving up the hill to see him. The Ox King has brought present for his grandson Gohan. Chi-Chi comes outside also hearing the sound of a car. She walks out to her father and a shocked Gohan. Gohan jumps for joy when his grandpa shuffles out of his car with a handful of wrapped presents-all for Gohan. Ox reminds his grandchild that Chi-Chi said any present would be nice as long as it was a book.

Gohan snaps back to reality when one of the presents slides from his grandpa’s grasps and smacks him on top of the head. He begins thinking, more books? Only to be even more distracted by the new condition his grandfather is in. Ox King begins to tremble under the pressure of the books, shaking this way and that as if he was suffering from weakness. Gohan and Chi-Chi look at each other in shock not being able to believe their relative’s trick stating, stop messing around we understand your joking Grandpa so stop! Only if they hadn’t come to such a conclusion for the Ox King falls to the ground revealing his attacker, another dark, shadowy creature.

Chi-Chi quickly reacts by throwing in her gloves and prepares for a fight. She demands answers and a reason for what has happened. The dark character responds with wanting the dragonball on top of Gohan’s hat. Chi-Chi shouts at Gohan to get into the house wanting him to be taken out of this intense situation only to have him discover two other characters, one who reveals himself having stolen three apples from the house eating them right as Gohan tries to enter the passageway. The third stands on top of the house watching over this event. Chi-Chi continues to hold her ground not being scared by three dark figures and she is still ready to kick off some capes and bring her captors to justice. If only Chi-Chi wasn’t so hard headed, she may have had a chance.

Chi-Chi runs towards the man to gain enough speed and force to admit a painful smack only to be thrown back by the caped creature’s invisible force protector. Gohan screams running towards his mom as she flies straight towards the ground, knocked unconscious. Goku senses Chi-Chi being attacked and escapes from his quest out fishing in the lake.

In Garlic Jr's castle they have collected five of the Dragonballs, including the one in Gohan's hat. The monsters soon realise that Gohan's father is the one who defeated Piccolo in the Martial Arts Tournament some years ago. Garlic Jr senses a power within Gohan and tells him he will become his student.

Elsewhere Goku goes to Kame House and takes Bulma's Dragon Radar so he will be able to find Gohan.

Back at Garlic Jr's castle, Gohan eats one of the apples in Garlic Jr's castle which makes him drunk. He sings a song and hallucinates dinosaurs and strange things and soon falls asleep. Meanwhile, Garlic Jr's men have found the last two Dragonballs and they summon Shenlong. Goku is on his way there and sees they have summoned the dragon. Shenlong appears and grants Garlic Jr immortality, then disappears. Goku arrives and demands they return Gohan, Kami also appears which means that Piccolo wasn't killed earlier. Kami remembers Garlic, Garlic Jr's father, who wanted to be the guardian of Earth but because of his evil intentions was locked in the Dead Zone. Goku runs inside and is followed by Nicky, Sansho and Ginger, Garlic Jr's three monsters. Goku fights them, while outside Kami faces Garlic Jr. Goku manages to knock all three of them down, then two of them attack Goku from behind, Krillin appears saving Goku. Piccolo also appears while Krillin goes to get Gohan, Piccolo wants to fight the monsters for what they did to him earlier. He kills one of them while Goku deals with the other two monsters who are now armed with swords, he soon kills them using the Kamehameha.

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Outside, Kami is struggling against Garlic Jr, Piccolo and Goku step in to face Garlic Jr who grows to a much bigger size and strength. Goku tells Krillin to take Gohan away. Because of their fighting, the castle starts collapsing and Krillin gets hit by falling debry, making him drop Gohan. Garlic Jr seems to have an edge over Piccolo and Goku so they both remove their weighted clothing, Goku can't believe that he and Piccolo are actually fighting on the same side. They both attack Garlic Jr and it looks like they've defeated him. Piccolo wants to settle a score with Goku but it turns out that Garlic Jr is still alive and opens up the Dead Zone which sucks in most of the surroundings like a vacuum. Goku clings onto a pillar and saves Piccolo from being sucked in. Krillin wakes up in time to save himself. Gohan starts crying from beneath the rubble and explodes with anger and stands infront of Garlic Jr, uneffected by the force of the Dead Zone. Garlic Jr uses all his power to pull everything into the Dead Zone, Goku, Piccolo, Kami and Krillin lose their grip and start falling towards the Dead Zone. Gohan's rage explodes and he blasts Garlic Jr into the Dead Zone and it closes up. Everyone else is safe, Gohan faints and the castle is completely demolished. Kami and Krillin join up with Goku and Gohan who wakes up and doesn't remember what happened, but is happy to see his dad. They then head home while Piccolo watches from above and thinks he'll get Goku another day.

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