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[edit] Character Description


Demon King Dabura or simply Dabura is a fictional character from Dragonball Z.

King of the Demon World, Dabura is a powerful creature feared by the Supreme Kai. The wizard Babidi took control of Dabura using his magic to make him his most powerful subordinate. Dabura’s signature ability is that his spit can turn anyone who touches it into stone.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Dabura is introduced as the ruler of the Underworld, and has existed for many centuries. He is one of the more powerful members of Babidi's Majin regime, more specifically, the most powerful. Dabura is mainly featured in a supportive role and doesn't fight much, barring a brief encounter with the Saiyan Gohan, as well as a fight with the mighty Majin Buu, whom Babidi was out to resurrect. During this fight, it is revealed that Babidi merely used Dabura as a pion, to reach his ultimate goal of releasing Buu. Dabura is killed by Buu in combat, and in the canon of the series, is never again seen afterwards. In Anime Filler however, he again appears sporadically in the afterlife, where he has been sent to Heaven by King Yemma, who claimed that Dabura would enjoy himself too much in Hell.

[edit] Abilities

Dabura possesses a great amount of strength, believed by Goku to rival that of Cell. His main weapon however, is his ability to instantly turn his opponents to stone statues, if they are touched by his saliva. Victims of this technique cannot be turned back to their normal selves, unless Dabura is slain.

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