DNZ Episode 32 - Spirit Bomb Away!

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[edit] Episode 32 - Spirit Bomb Away!

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Japanese name: Battle Power Times Ten!! Vegeta's Great Metamorphosis

Krillin and Gohan are flying back to the Kame House when in the sky they spot the ball of light that, unknown to them, Vegeta created. Realising that the location is near where Goku and Vegeta are fighting, and that Vegeta's energy has risen they begin to get worried. Despite the odds, Gohan decides to head back, with Krilin following after him. Vegeta attacks Goku in his giant ape form, it's then that Goku remembers his Grandpa telling him about monsters that appear at the full moon and having his tail removed by Kami. He realises that it was him that destroyed the Martial Arts Stadium, and killed his Grandpa years ago. With little alternative, Goku decides to try to use the Spirit Bomb, but it takes a long time to collect the energy and it soon becomes obvious Vegeta won't give him the time. He then has an idea, and as Vegeta approaches Goku used the Solar Flare against Vegeta to temporarily blind him. Goku backs up and collects the energy for the Spirit Bomb, but before Goku can use it Vegeta regains his sight and attacks, causing Goku to lose the energy he collected. Having used up so much of his energy to create the Spirit Bomb, Goku is almost at his limit. Vegeta attacks again, crushing Goku's legs and is about to crush him completely when Goku fires his last ki blast straight into one of Vegeta's eyes. Vegeta is enraged by this and picks Goku to crush him in his hands.

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