DB Episode 9 - Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

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[edit] Episode 9 - Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

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Japanese Name: The Rabbit Boss' Special Technique

Goku, Bulma and Oolong stop to fill up on petrol with Yamcha and Puar in close pursuit. Bulma goes to pay for the petrol but the man behind the till gives it to her free as he seems to be afraid of her, the same happens in other shops until she gets some new clothes and changes out of her bunny outfit, then no-one seems to be afraid of her anymore.

Two armed men dressed in a rabbit uniforms start to terrorize the townsfolk but Goku easily defeats them when they start a fight. The two men then run off to get their master, Monster Carrot who is a giant rabbit. Strangely he offers a truce and wants to shake Bulmas hand, Yamcha who is looking on from a distance remembers that anyone who touches him turns into a carrot, so when Bulma slaps Monster Carrots hand away she turns into a carrot.

Monster Carrot threatens to eat Bulma if Goku attacks, however Yamcha intervenes and beats up the thugs attacking Goku, and Puar rescues Bulma the carrot from Monster Carrot. Goku uses his power pole to whack Monster Carrot and forces him to turn Bulma back to her normal self.

Oolong returns to town and gets shouted at for running off, while Goku tells the rabbit gang to make treats for all the kids in the world in order to be free.

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