DB Episode 7 - The Ox-King on Fire Mountain

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[edit] Episode 7 - The Ox-King on Fire Mountain

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Japanese Name: Mt. Frypan's Gyumao

While the trio head up to Fire Mountain Oolong gets very scared of the Ox-King who lives there as he is known to eat people, of course Yamcha and Puar are not far behind tracking them down through the tracking device in the car.

Goku goes ahead on nimbus but falls off into some water, meanwhile Ox-King throws an axe at Oolong and Bulma but misses, hearing the cries Goku gets back and starts to fight the Ox-King but seemingly isn’t hurting the big guy at all.

The Ox-King notices Goku’s staff and realises he is the grandson of grandpa Gohan and so sets him a challenge in order to obtain the dragonball. Goku must collect the Bancho fan from Roshi and also pick up Ox-King’s child Chi-Chi. Goku tracks Chi-Chi down and when she gets on she pulls his tail and Yamcha sees that Goku has a weakness. So the young pair set of on Nimbus towards Roshi’s in search of the fan.

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