DB Episode 4 - Oolong the Terrible

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[edit] Episode 4 - Oolong the Terrible

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Japanese Name: Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster

Using Bulma’s dragonball radar they start to get close to their fifth dragonball. On the way Bulma’s falls off her motorcycle by which time the dragonballs have started to glow, so they decided to check the nearby village as it must be there.

As they enter the village they cannot see anyone, they approach a priest’s door and once they manage to open the door Goku is attacked when an axe is thrown by the priest on his head. However it was not meant for Goku as the priest explains about a demon shape shifter named Oolong who kidnaps the village girls. Bulma asks the villagers if they have seen a dragonball at all, one woman declares she has the six star dragonball; however she will not allow Goku and Bulma to simply have it.

In order to ear it Goku has to dress up as the priest’s daughter and lure Oolong out so that he can be defeated and the girls be returned to their parents. However the plan fails and Oolong runs away. Goku in pursuit asks a small pig where Oolong went and the pig tells him which way to go, however Goku comes back and says to the pig he cannot find him. At which point the pig reveals he was Oolong all along in his true form. After some more shape shifting shenanigans Goku calls Nimbus to chase Oolong in his bat and subsequent rocket forms, however Oolong can only stay shape shifted for 5 minutes so mid flight he falls and is captured by Goku. He then apologizes to the villagers and sets free all the girls he had taken previously and finally Goku and Bulma receive their just rewards. Their 5 dragonball!

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