DB Episode 3 - The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

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[edit] Episode 3 - The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

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Japanese Name: The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un

Goku and Bulma are still escorting the Turtle to the seashore when a bear pop’s out and demands that they hand over the Turtle. Goku beats up the bear and in return the turtle asks them to wait there while he goes off and gets their reward.

Emporer Pilaf gets a tip off that a dragonball resides on an island where a guy named Roshi lived. They jump in a helicopter and head towards the island.

The turtle returns with his master, Roshi. Roshi offers Goku a magic carpet but he hasn’t got it with him so instead gives him a cloud named Nimbus which only the pure of heart can ride. Goku tries it out but then Bulma demands a present too, she notices the dragonball around Roshi’s neck and asks for that. After showing Roshi her bellybutton Bulma obtains the dragonball before departing with Goku leaving Roshi and his turtle to go home.

When they get there they find Pilaf and 2 cronies ransacking their island house which leads to Roshi telling them that he gave it to a girl. Pilaf then asks Roshi to help push his helicopter out of the sand but Roshi causes a hole to appear in the helicopter. Pilaf then fly’s off in search of Bulma and the dragonball.

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