DB Episode 114 - Conquest and Power

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[edit] Episode 114 - Conquest and Power

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Japanese Name: Goku's Wish - Even Karin-sama is Worried!!

Piccolo Daimao stands on top of the King's plane and tells the King that he will be taking over as ruler of the Earth, and that he wants him to make the people aware of this. When the King refuses, Piccolo Daimao destroys most of the city as an example of what he is capable of. With little other choice, the King agrees to do what Piccolo Daimao says.

Meanwhile, Bulma and the others put the bodies of Master Roshi and Chao Zu into capsules. Yamcha is distraught and and contacts Tenshinhan to ask him to teach him the Mafuba as well. Tenshinhan refuses to do this, and also tells them that Shenlong was killed by Piccolo Daimao. They wonder what else they can do, and hope that Goku is still alive. In the wilderness, Tenshinhan is hard into his own training, trying to master the Mafuba.

Finally, Yajirobe and Goku reach the top of Korin's Tower. Korin tells them he already knows what has been going on down on Earth, and Goku requests training from him again. He gives Goku a Senzu Bean to heal his injuries, but tells Goku that there is nothing left for him to teach him as he is already stronger than him. He goes on to tell Goku he should probably give up on the idea, as even Master Roshi was killed by Piccolo Daimao. Goku is about to rush off to challenge Piccolo Daimao, filled with rage for Master Roshi's death, when Korin manages to convince Goku to stay and mentions something called the Super Sacred Water...

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