DB Episode 113 - Siege on Chow Castle

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[edit] Episode 113 - Siege on Chow Castle

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Japanese Name: King Castle on the Offensive and Defensive!!

Piccolo Daimao arrives at King Castle, in the surrounding city a celebration commemorating the King's 20th year of reign is going on. Piccolo Daimao, and his one remaining deman Piano, head towards the ground.

At the Indian village beneath Korin's Tower, Goku and Yajirobe explain what has happened and how Goku got injured fighting Piccolo Daimao. Goku asks Yajirobe to take him up the top of the tower to see Korin, but he refuses. But Goku manages to convince him to help once he tells him about the food at the top of the tower. With Bora's help to get them started, Yajirobe scales the rest of the tower with Goku hanging onto his back.

Meanwhile, Tenshinhan reflects on what has happened, when Bulma and the others arrive in a plane. Yamcha suggests that he and Tenshinhan team up to fight Piccolo Daimao, but Tenshinhan says he will do it alone by mastering the Mafuba.

Back at the city, Piccolo Daimao has broken through the castle gates and making his way to the castle itself. The King's guards are able to do anything to stop him. They arrive inside to face one of the larger guards, however he does little to stall Piccolo and dies as he refuses to tell him where the King is. It's then that Piano spots the King trying to escape in a small plane.

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