DB Episode 111 - Roshi's Gambit

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[edit] Episode 111 - Roshi's Gambit

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Japanese Name: The Turtle Hermit's Final Mafuba!

At the Kame House they realise that seven Dragon Balls are close together, and this must mean that Master Roshi, Tien and Chao Zu are with Piccolo Daimao. Bulma tries to contact them but gets no answer, leaving them all to wonder what might be going on.

Master Roshi tells Piccolo Daimao that they have met before, and his plan to summon Shenlong. So Piccolo Daimao coughs up his two Dragon Balls and tries to goad Master Roshi into trying to take them, but when seeing that he just wants to fight properly he eats them again. It concerns Piccolo Daimao slightly, as he wonders if maybe Master Roshi knows the Mafuba. He attacks, getting agitated when Master Roshi doesn't fight back, and instead just dodges. Tien is starting to wake up, and realises what Master Roshi is going to do, but is still unable to move. It's then that Master Roshi reveals his master's name and Piccolo Daimao begins to panic. He produces a rice cooker from a capsule and begins the Mafuba technique, however, at the last moment, the rice cooker is missed with the end of the attack meaning that Piccolo Daimao escaped. As a result of using the Mafuba, Master Roshi dies, leaving Piccolo Daimao to take their five Dragon Balls and summon Shenlong.

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