DB Episode 110 - Piccolo Closes In

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[edit] Episode 110 - Piccolo Closes In

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Japanese Name: Don't Give Up, Son Goku!

After the failure of Goku's Kamehameha, Piccolo Daimao continues his attack, intending to kill him. Piccolo Daimao powers up, using one of his special techniques managing to hit Goku with it. Presuming that Goku has died as he cannot feel his heart beat, he takes the Dragon Ball and returns to Pilaf's ship. Once they have flown off Yajirobe goes to bury Goku, but realises he is still alive as his heart has begun beating again. Goku asks Yajirobe if he has heard of a place called Karinto and then agrees to go there for Goku.

Meanwhile, Chao Zu finds a 5th Dragon Ball, and realise the radar is now reading the last 2 Dragon Balls is heading towards them. Meaning that Piccolo Daimao is headed straight for them too. Master Roshi advises that they try to steal the Dragon Balls from him and wish for Piccolo Daimao to be removed from Earth, rather than fight him. He hides the Dragon Balls by burying them and explains his plan. He and Tien will steal Piccolo Daimao's 2 Dragon Balls and throw them to Chao Zu, who will then summon Shenlong. It doesn't take long for Pilaf's ship to show up, Piccolo Daimao eats his two Dragon Balls so that they cannot be stolen from him. Having seen what happened, Master Roshi tells Tien to stay behind whilst he deals with Piccolo Daimao. When Tien refuses, Master Roshi sprays him with something that puts him to sleep. He then calls to Piccolo Daimao to challenge him.

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