DB Episode 107 - Tien's Atonement

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[edit] Episode 107 - Tien's Atonement

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Japanese Name: Son Goku - Anger Explosion

Master Roshi, Tien and Chao Zu have come across an air pirate who refuses to give up the Dragon Ball unless they hand over 1 million zeni. When they realise they don't have the money they turn on them with their machine guns, but Chao Zu's telepathic powers stop the bullets in their tracks, whilst Tien and Master Roshi deal with the pirate crew. The Captain is then willing to hand over the Dragon Ball to them.

Meanwhile Yajirobe is refusing to hand over his Dragon Ball to Goku, so Goku is following him around.

Aboard Pilaf's Ship, Piccolo Daimao hears from Tambourine who tells him that whoever killed Cymbal is now long gone. Pilaf checks the radar and they see that the Dragon Ball is on the move. Tambourine then heads off in the direction of the Dragon Ball, which Yajirobe still refuses to hand over to Goku. Yajirobe manages to gain some distance on Goku after he got trapped over a waterfall.

Master Roshi, Tien and Chao Zu have come to a deserted looking town where another Dragon Ball is showing up on the radar. They reach the house that the Dragon Ball is supposed to be in, when Tien realises he recognises the man inside. The man fought Tien in a battle two and a half years ago and brutally beat him, leaving him with a permanent injury. Tien apologises for his foolishness in the past and asks for the Dragon Ball, however the man denies any knowledge of it. Whilst they are talking, the mans wife has called the police who try to arrest Tien under suspicion of murder. Master Roshi steps in who one of the police recognise. He then explains that Tien is a friend of his and innocent, then Tien begs the man for the Dragon Ball. Seeing this, the man tells Tien where it is hidden, his baby son was holding it the whole time.

Elsewhere, Tambourine has caught up to Yajirobe and spots that he has a Dragon Ball. However, Goku has also caught up to him who demands it's him that fights Tambourine.

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