DB Episode 106 - Terrible Tambourine

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[edit] Episode 106 - Terrible Tambourine

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Japanese Name: Majuu Tambourine Comes!!

Yajirobe cooks Cymbal over a fire to eat. Meanwhile, Giran, one of the martial artists on Tambourine's list, is terrorising a small animal village, although he doesn't get very far when Tambourine shows up to interupt him. It doesn't take more than a few minutes for Tambourine to kill Giran, and then head off to his next target - Yamcha.

Tien, Chao Zu and Master Roshi are bust flying in on of the sky-cars in search of the Dragon Balls. Tien is eager to fight Piccolo Daimao, but Master Roshi advises against it, just then they pick up a reading for a Dragon Ball near the South Pole.

Goku asks Yajirobe if he can borrow his Dragon Ball because he needs it to bring back Krillin to life. As Yajirobe has no idea what he's on about, Goku explains about the Dragon Balls to him.

Piccolo Daimao muses that whoever had the Dragon Ball Cymbal was heading to must be responsible for his death. It concerns him greatly that there was someone able to defeat Cymbal. Tambourine meanwhile has arrived at where Yamcha should be living, but of course doesn't find him there as he is hiding on an island with the others. However, he happens to come across the house and asks them for directions to the address, assuming he is lost. It's then that he recognises Yamcha as the one he is looking for. Tambourine fights with Yamcha who is having trouble because of his injuries from the Tenkaichi Budokai, even when Lunch tries to help by shooting at him with her gun it does nothing. Just as Tambourine is about to kill Yamcha, Piccolo Daimao contacts him and lets him know all that has happened and asks that he go and find out who killed Cymbal. He then leaves, letting Yamcha live for now.

Tien, Chao Zu and Master Roshi have arrived at the South Pole and are able to find the two-star Dragon Ball.

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