DB Episode 105 - Here Comes Yajirobe

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[edit] Episode 105 - Here Comes Yajirobe

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Japanese Name: Enter Yajirobe, the Strange Boy!!

The stranger is annoyed at Goku for eating the fish he had left cooking for breakfast. Before they get much further Goku realises that the boy has a Dragon Ball around his neck and assumes that he must be with the monster that killed Krillin and stole his Dragon Ball. The challenge each other after they trade insults and both are amazed to see that they are reasonably evenly matched.

Meanwhile, Tambourine is making his way down the list of martial artists, soon coming to Tenshinhan's Master Roshi's and Yamcha's profiles.. elsewhere the others have landed on an island to hide on. Master Roshi that he, Tien and Chao Zu will try to gather up the Dragon Balls before Piccolo Daimao. Whilst they go off to find them, Bulma un-capsulises the Kame House and gets to work making a cry-capsule to put Krillin inside and then capsulises it.

Goku meanwhile notices that the Dragon Ball around the strangers neck only has one-star and it not his one, so apologises for the mistake. Before they get much further, Cymbal arrives and demands the Dragon Ball from the stranger. Goku asks Cymbal if he knows the other demon, and when he realises that he is a friend of Tambourine he wants to fight him. The stranger also wants to fight Cymbal so he can eat him in place of his fish Goku ate. They decide with rock-paper-scissors that the stranger will fight Cymbal, the stranger also finally reveals his name, Yajirobe. Using his sword, Yajirobe cuts Cymbal in half across the middle. At that moment on Pilaf's ship, Piccolo Daimao senses that Cymbal has died.

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