DB Episode 104 - Mark of the Demon

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[edit] Episode 104 - Mark of the Demon

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Japanese Name: Revive, Son Goku!!

Tambourine's killing spree continues, his latest victim being Bacterium. Meanwhile, Piccolo Daimao creates a new demon who will collect the Dragon Balls for him, despite the fact that the process of creating an egg will decrease his life span further. The egg hatches revealing a new demon named Cymbal and he heads out to fufill his duty of collecting the remaining six Dragon Balls.

Elsewhere, Goku has woken up in the forest and is starving. He heads off in search of food..

Back at the Kame House the others have explained to Tien and Chao Zu about the Dragon Balls, intent on using them to wish Krillin back to life provided they can beat Piccolo Daimao first of course. They decide to try to collect the Dragon Balls anyway even Piccolo Daimao already has one. On the TV the news broadcasts that martial artists are already being killed off. They decide it's best if they move again, and head off after Bulma has built a new Dragon Radar.

Goku is still looking for food and finds a giant fish cooking over a fire which he quickly eats all of. With his strength restored he calls for Kinto-un but he doesn't come, it's then that Goku remembers that the demon killed his Kinto Un. Goku checks the radar but realises there is a Dragon Ball very close by showing up, out of nowhere he is attacked by the owner of the fish, who also has a Dragon Ball hanging around his neck.

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