DB Episode 102 - Enter King Piccolo

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[edit] Episode 102 - Enter King Piccolo

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Japanese Name: The Death of Kuririn - A Terrible Plot!!

Everyone has caught up to Goku who has found Krillin murdered moments ago. The Announcer who has survived explains that monster came and stole a Dragon Ball and the roster of combatants, and Krillin was killed trying to stop him. Angered by what has happened, Goku takes Bulma's Dragon Radar and runs off, spotting two Dragon Balls on the radar nearby. Nearby Oolong finds a scrap of paper with a symbol on it, which Master Roshi recognises as the crest of Piccolo Daimao. Tien recognises the name and Master Roshi explains how Piccolo Daimao once terrorised the world with his demons, and that even his master, Mutaito-sama, was unable to defeat him. He goes on to explain that this is also the time that the Crane Hermit gave up on his righteous way of life, realising the strength the demon had. Years passed and Mutaito returned with a technique that he believed could finally stop Piccolo Daimao, the Mufuba, which sealed Piccolo Daimao inside a rice cooker, however the technique cost Mutaito his life. Then Master Roshi dropped the rice cooker into the dephs of the sea.

Goku has made his way out to the wilderness with Kinto-un, heading closer to the Dragon Ball reading on the radar, however it keeps moving so is proving difficult to catch up with. Piccolo Daimao meanwhile is learning about the Dragon Ball from Pilaf, and plans to wish for eternal youth si that he can rule the world. Pilaf asks him if he can rule half the world as he has done alot for him such as setting him free and telling him about the Dragon Balls, but Piccolo Daimao does not seen to be interested and awaits the arrival of his demon, Tambourine, who has the Dragon Ball and the roster. He is intent on killing all strong martial artists incase one is able to perform the Mafuba.

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