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[edit] Supersonic Warriors

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[edit] Goku

Goku a Supersonic Warrior
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From the DBZ SW (GBA) game.

Saga Appearances Namek, Android, and Majin sagas.
Family Gohan
Techniques Spirit Bomb, Kamehameha
Transformations Gotenks
Battles Vegeta, Captain Ginyu, Frieza, Trunks, Android 18, Dr. Gero, Majin Buu

[edit] Appearance

Goku has long dark-brown hair, cartoon-dot eyes, and a Martial Arts physique. He is also of Saiyan race. Goku is mainly shown wearing a karate suit of an orange color with a blue belt covering his waist, and blue sweat bands around his wrists. He also wears fighters shoes with a mixture of blue and orange.

[edit] Personality

Throughout the story, Goku is shown as having a great passion for his friends and the well being of Earth. He wants evil to stop and will go against what he believes is right and destroy anything that chooses not to back down. Goku has a glowing, warm personality. He's the type of person who enjoys a good joke and a laugh every-so-often. Goku also has a big appetite for food. Never is he not hungry.

[edit] Alliances

This famous character has many alliances. Goku's most famous of connections with the other characters would be with Vegeta and Piccolo. He is also shown fighting with his son, Gohan.

[edit] Famous Fighting Moves

[edit] Plot Involvement

Goku is shown throughout the Dragon Ball Z series as the main protagonist and ultimately the hero. He not only makes the series shine but blesses us with his appearance as a character in the Supersonic Warriors Game Boy Advance game. Enjoy playing as Goku in Story Mode and discover how his adventure battles out.

[edit] Scene 1 - The Ultimate Battle to Divide the World

Years after Goku’s defeat of the World’s Martial Arts Tournament, Saiyans-an aggressive race-began attacking Earth in hopes of destroying it. Goku took the fate of Earth into his hands after he trained with King Kai in Other World. When Goku started his quest to save Earth, he met a Saiyan named Vegeta.

Vegeta laughs, “I want you to be happy that I’m willing to fight some low level Earthling like yourself.”

Goku strikes back, “A low level with just a bit of training can completely surprise a deadly Saiyan like you.”

Vegeta ends the conversation with, “You’re wasting the breath that you will need in our battle!”

Earth’s future is set in the battle that will begin.

  • After you defeat Vegeta as Goku the plot continues.

Goku laughs and Vegeta manages to make out this, “I never expect I would have to turn back from you.”

Goku was hurt but he was able to hold off Vegeta from destroying Earth. The planet still received quite a beating despite this turn in luck. The Earth’s Dragon Balls disappeared and many of Goku’s friends died, including Piccolo.

Goku traveled to planet Namek, home to Piccolo's race-the Namekians, to seek the Dragon Balls in hopes of wishing his dead friends back to life.

[edit] Scene 2 - Battle on the Planet Namek

With the help of his remaining friends, Goku finally makes his way to planet Namek.

On this unfamiliar planet, Vegeta and Frieza-a deadly monster-battled amongst each other in search for the Dragon Balls. Goku's mission was to find the Dragon Balls as well so he teamed up with Vegeta to fight against Ginyu and Frieza.

Goku is surprised and speaks to Vegeta, "I could have never thought that you would join forces with me."

Vegeta responds, "It turns my stomach to think that I have to join forces with you but Frieza has incredible power. Our union is the only way I know to beat him!"

Frieza overhears Vegeta and smirks, "Captain Ginyu attack and teach them what is going to happen to those little bugs who choose to rebel against the almighty Frieza."

Ginyu shakes his head and accepts, "Ha, ha! Frieza, your request is cake!"

  • After you defeat Ginyu and Frieza the story continues to unfold.

Goku and Vegeta backed Frieza into a corner when Ginyu was defeated at the very end of the epic battle. Little did the heroes know, Frieza had been toying with them.

Frieza becomes enraged, "You've both misunderstood my power. Be glad I have yet to battle you seriously until now."

Vegeta is shocked, "Huh...wha-t?!"

Vegeta stumbled to near-death when Frieza showed his true power striking him in the heart with only one attack.

[edit] Scene 3 - Legendary Super Saiyan

Goku screams, "Vegeta!!!"

Vegeta manages to get out, "ga... gaa.., ha!"

Upon his near meeting with death, Vegeta gave his Saiyan pride to Goku and trusted him to defeat his attacker. Vegeta swallowed his pride for a few final words, "Kakarot, my only wish is for Frieza to be defeated by you, a Saiyan."

Goku yelps, "V-Vegeta!"

As Vegeta died Goku's anger for Frieza engulfed his body awakening his inner Super Saiyan.

Goku yells, "Frieza, your out of luck because now I'm angry!"

  • After Goku defeats Frieza the plot thickens.

Frieza gasps, "Noooooo!!!"

Goku's overwhelming Super Saiyan power finally backed Frieza into a corner he could not escape from.

Frieza smiles, "I'm more worthy of taking my own life than being killed by a Saiyan. The only problem is I won't ever die, your the only one who will meet their doom."

Frieza raises his arms and prepares a power beam above his head, "This planet will be destroyed by me!"

Frieza was trapped with no way out and his power beam completely destroyed the inner workings of the planet Namek. As the power beam ate its way into the planet's core, Namek began to collapse.

With the planet beginning to crumble, the people of Namek and Vegeta traveled to Earth to save their lives. Goku, however, stayed on Namek to settle the score.

Goku and Frieza remained alone on the cracking planet Namek to battle to their deaths.

[edit] Scene 4 - Boy from the Future

A year after the destruction of planet Namek, Frieza ended up surviving his battle against Goku and traveled to Earth. Goku heard of this installment and followed after Frieza.

Frieza looks around, "Earth, it's actually not a bad planet."

There was one to stand in Frieza's way, a strange and mysterious boy.

Trunks, the mysterious boy, glares at Frieza, "I come here to kill you Frieza."

Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan and this determined winner of the battle. Goku arrived to find that Trunks had defeated Frieza.

Goku sighs with relief, "Who are you?"

Trunks brushes the dust from his jacket, "Goku please spar with me."

Goku nods his head yes.

  • After Trunks is defeated by Goku the story continues.

Trunks smiles, "I expected this. The rumors about you Goku turned out to be true, actually you are above them. I won't leave you puzzled and I'll explain everything."

This mysterious boy told Goku about a deadly future for Earth which will come from new enimies, the Androids. In three years they will arrive on Earth. Trunks also added that Goku will die, quite soon, of a disease he cannot beat. Trunks gave Goku an antidote for the disease and healed Goku. After his deed was complete, Trunks returned to the future.

Goku shakes his head, "I wish the future could be changed..."

[edit] Scene 5 - Android Invasion

The Androids appeared exactly three years after the prophecy from the future. Dr. Gero, a mastermind and the creator of the Androids reaches Earth to destroy Goku.

Dr. Gero smiles, "Hurry up Goku, I've been waiting for you."

Gero's Android 18 stands behind with no emotion.

Goku and Piccolo showed up just in time to stand in Dr. Gero's way from destroying the city.

Goku threatens Gero and his Androids, "Piccolo and I will put an end to both of you!"

Gero patiently explains, "Good, you have arrived. I've been studying you and waiting for the day you close your eyes forever. The savior of Earth will be put to rest today."

  • After Goku, with Piccolo's help, destroys Android 18 and Dr. Gero this epic story continues.

Soon after Goku and Piccolo put a stop to Dr. Gero and Android 18 Goku began to change.

Goku is shocked, "The pain is agonizing, what is happening to me?"

Piccolo watches Goku fall to the ground, "Goku!? What's happening to you Goku! Could it be the heart disease Trunks from the Future warned us about?"

The medicine Trunks left the Z Warriors with actually healed Goku from his disease but while he was recovering another mysterious and destructive enemy appeared.

Dr. Gero had one more final creation. Cell, his master plan, had come to life, ready to destroy Earth and all of it's precious people.

Cell quickly defeated Vegeta and Piccolo. Then he called for the start of the "Cell Games" in hopes of finding someone worth battling.

[edit] Scene 6 - Opening of Cell Games

Cell makes a worldwide broadcast, "I have created the "Cell Games" to act as a revolutionized Martial Arts Tournament. Earth will need someone strong enough to defeat the likes of me or if not I will destroy all humankind."

As Cell made his broadcast the people of Earth became frightened and were in fear.

Goku speaks to his son Gohan, "Everything will be alright Gohan you don't have to be worried."

Once Goku was in complete recover from his heart disease he entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his son Gohan to train. Their plan was to push their powers to the limit and come out as champions against Cell. Goku's main goal was to become even stronger than a Super Saiyan.

The opening of the Cell Games finally arrived.

Goku and Gohan are ready to fight, "Gohan, let's go and show this monster what were made of!"

Gohan nods his head in agreement.

Cell smiles at the two brave contestants, "Welcome to my tournament. That's enough chat so lets begin."

  • When it seems that Gohan and Goku have finally defeated Cell something shocking occurs.

At the end of their battle Cell looked to be defeated, but there was one problem, he wasn't finished off. Cell was able to completely revive from Gohan and Goku's brutal attacks.

Cell shakes his head and prepares his final attack on Earth "There will be no mercy on your souls. Earth will be destroyed by me! With all the energy I have built up not only will I destroy Earth but the Sun will be blown away as well!"

Goku looks at Gohan with one final attempt at destroying Cell in mind, "Gohan, get ready, we will destroy Dr. Gero's final creation together!"

Gohan and Goku powered up and sent a Kamehameha straight for Cell. Their wave was powerful enough to completely destroy Cell.

After this harsh battle the Cell Games were put to an end and the world was again a peaceful place.

[edit] Scene 7 - Confrontation of Fate Goku vs. Vegeta

Goku continued training after peace was restored to the Earth. Peace couldn't continue for an evil mage by the name of Babidi appeared on Earth to release Majin Buu, the creature his father had created.

Babidi laughs in overwhelming excitement, "It's almost time for Majin Buu to be revived!"

Babidi had other evil ideas in the making. He used his magical powers to take control of Vegeta and to use him to finally destroy Goku. Majin Buu would be restored to complete power from the energy he would collect during Goku and Vegeta's battle.

Vegeta destroyed many innocent people while under Babidi's mind control.

Vegeta threatens Goku, "Kakarot you will fight me if you want to save the rest of the people I have yet to kill."

Goku shakes his head in disapproval, "I didn't think you would sink as low as having to sell your soul to Babidi just to fight me."

Vegeta becomes enraged with anger, "Kakarot be ready! Here I come, to kill you!"

  • Right after Goku defeats the evil Vegeta, Babidi's master plan begins.

Babidi's curse on Vegeta breaks as he battled Goku. But it was too late, the energy collected during the battle was just enough to revive Majin Buu.

Babidi's creation appears, "Buu?"

Goku exclaims, "Our energy was what helped revive Majin Buu, Babidi used his evil powers to trick both of us!"

Vegeta thinks of his only option, "I was who released Majin Buu so I will put an end to him and we will settle our difference later Kakarot."

Goku smiles, "We will join forces and destroy this horrible creature together!"

[edit] Scene 8 - Confrontation With Majin Buu

As Majin Buu set out to destroy innocent lives, Goku and Vegeta caught up to him to save the day.

Once they defeated Buu this was not the end to the Earth's troubles. Buu transformed into a more powerful entity.

Goku and Vegeta stand shocked to see Buu had changed.

Goku rapidly puts everything together, "Vegeta we will have to destroy this pure evil before it destroys us and the entire world!"

  • As soon as Goku and Vegeta finally destroy the pure evil Majin Buu the story comes to a climax.

Vegeta concludes, "We have to completely destroy him to defeat him! While I destroy him prepare the Spirit Bomb, Kakarot!"

Goku shakes his head in approval, "Buy me sometime and it will be done!"

Vegeta caused a distraction giving Goku just enough time to create a Spirit Bomb.

Goku calls out to the universe for it's help, "Everything living thing in this universe, share your energy with me!"

Buu becomes surprised not sure of what is happening. The Spirit Bomb collected from those all around the universe was thrown right into Buu putting a final defeat to this monster.

Goku says some final words, "Buu, you were an incredible fighter. I will be ready and better than ever if you ever come back, but as something good this time."

Earth was safe for one more day as Buu and the evil he caused was destroyed.

Thanks to the help of the Dragon Balls the lives Buu took were revived and the peace that the Earth now longed for was restored.

With his crystal clear eyes, Goku continued to train everyday. He was the most powerful fighter in all of the universe. | Supersonic Warriors

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