DBZ Episode 9 - The Strangest Robot

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[edit] Episode 09: The Strangest Robot

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Morning comes and Gohan awakes, wondering how he got down from the mountain, or where his tail has gone, and also why his clothes have changed. He picks up his sword and gets chased by a giant crocodile and a saber toothed tiger, as he makes his escape he ends up falling down a hole in a giant sand pit. The hold leads to an underground cavern where he comes across an old robot. The robot seems to be still working, but unwilling to really talk to Gohan, he tells him to switch him back off and to leave by the exit behind him. Gohan does as he's told and goes out the exit, but it leads to the edge of a steep cliff, forcing Gohan to go back inside and turn the robot back on. He explains to the robot what's wrong, although the robot tells him to switch him back off and to stop crying or he will be buried in the sand. Gohan realises that the robot's visual sensors aren't working so he fixes them for him, despite this, the robot asks to be switched off again. Gohan complies, feeling sad about it and sits back down, wondering what to do.

Night falls and Gohan is woken up by a scorpion, he turns the robot back on to tell him, but yet again, the robot asks to be switched off. A little later, Gohan switches the robot back on to tell him he is hungry. As Gohan begins to cry, the robot tells Gohan where to search for food, and he soon finds some mushrooms. He asks the robot to cook the mushrooms for him, as he knows he has such capabilities, as he read so in a book. The robot agrees and cooks them for him, as he eats, Gohan explains why he is out in the desert. The robot tells him how he is stuck down here. Gohan decides to try and dig him out so that they can escape together. As Gohan digs, the ground becomes unstable, the robot tells him to go and escape, telling him that he will be okay. As the exit becomes blocked, the robot becomes damaged, so Gohan follows his instructions to fix part of him. Using his energy, the robot opens the exit back up for Gohan to escape. The robot throws Gohan out of the exit as the cavern collapses, saving his life. Once the rubble has stopped falling, Gohan goes to look for the robot, but only finds his shattered remains, his energy begins to run out as Gohan tries to dig him out. The energy runs out, and no matter how many times Gohan tries to switch him back on, it fails.

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