DBZ Episode 6 - No Time Like The Present

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[edit] Episode 06: No Time Like The Present

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Japanese Name: Even Yama-Sama is Suprised - The Fight Continues in the Next World

As Bulma wonders how Raditz was able to find them so easily, Piccolo explains about his scouter that he wears over his eye. Bulma takes a look at it and thinks she can make it work again so they will be able to find Yamcha and Tien. While they talk over their plans, Piccolo regenerates his missing arm and tells them he will be taking Gohan with him. He explains the strength that Gohan displayed earlier and that they will need his power when the other two Saiyans arrive. He takes Gohan, who is still unconscious at this point, telling them he will train him and will see them in a years time.

In the Other World, Kami is explaining to King Yama his request to allow Goku to visit King Kai to recieve training. King Yama agrees to it, and Goku is escorted to the Snake Way which King Kai lives at the end of. Goku reaches the start of the road, as he is about to leave, Goku asks the guy that showed him to the start of Snake Way if he can tell Baba to tell Master Roshi to wish him back in a years time, and then sets on his way along the Snake Way.

Back on Earth, Piccolo wakes up Gohan by dropping him in a lake. Gohan starts to panic and wonders where Goku is and Piccolo explains what has happened and what will happen in a year. Gohan can't quite believe that he has any strength, so Piccolo forces him to show his strength by hurling him into a mountain. As Piccolo expected, Gohan unleashed his power to save himself. Piccolo then tells him he will be training for the next year, whether he likes it or not.

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