DBZ Episode 5 - Gohan's Rage

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[edit] Episode 05: Gohan's Rage

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Japanese Name: Goku Dies! There's Only One Last Chance

Raditz is amazed at Gohan's battle power and how much it has risen. In his anger at seeing his father in trouble, Gohan attacks Raditz, headbutting his chest with great force. Raditz retaliates and knocks the boy away, intent on killing him, despite Goku's pleas for him to spare him. Before Raditz is able to, Goku grabs hold of him and holds him back, telling Piccolo to use his technique from earlier. Piccolo is pleased to, knowing that he will kill Goku in the process. Goku keeps hold, knowing he will die but it's the only way to defeat Raditz. Due to the injury Gohan inflicted on him, Raditz is unable to escape and Goku ignores Raditz's pleas. Piccolo uses his technique, this time, hitting and passing straight through Raditz and Goku's chests. As Raditz is dieing, Piccolo boasts that Goku will come back to life with the Dragon Balls, telling him they can grant any wish. Raditz then tells him that the other two Saiyans have overheard through his scouter and will arrive on Earth in one year, and they are much more powerful than he is. Piccolo finishes Raditz off for good, and moments later, Bulma, Krillin and Master Roshi arrive.

Elsewhere, on another planet in space, the two Saiyans Raditz mentioned, Vegeta and Nappa are musing over what they have heard over their scouters from Raditz. Vegeta is interested by the Dragon Balls, deciding they should go to Earth and use them to wish for eternal youth. Vegeta and Nappa prepare to leave and head off inside their space pods, heading straight for Earth.

Back on Earth, Goku says goodbye to his friends as he dies. Moments later his body disappears, which Piccolo suspects is Kami's doing, and must have something planned for Goku.

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