DBZ Episode 4 - Piccolo's Plan

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[edit] Episode 04: Piccolo's Plan

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Japanese Name: Piccolo's Trump Card! Gohan, the crybaby

After Goku demands it, Raditz tells Goku that he has hidden Gohan down in his space pod in the crator he crashed in. Knowing that his son is safe, Goku, along with Piccolo, take on Raditz head on. Despite being forced to deal with both of them at the same time, Raditz has little problems defending against them both. During the fight Raditz fires two poweful ki blasts down to them both, causing Piccolo to lose an arm.

Elsewhere, Krillin, Bulma and Master Roshi are flying to where Goku and Piccolo are fighting, debating on what will happen if Goku can't win.

Piccolo tells Goku that he's developed a new technique that he can perform, even with one arm, but he needs Goku to give him the time to build up the energy. Goku agrees to fight Raditz alone while Piccolo gathers the energy for his attack, realising this is probably their only chance to defeat him. Despite Goku's efforts, even the Kamehameha doesn't do much to slow Raditz down. Raditz answers back with his own ki blast which manages to knock Goku to the ground, but before Raditz can go any further Piccolo releases his newest attack - the Special Beam Cannon. To Piccolo's great suprise, Raditz was able to dodge the attack, only at the expense of a portion of his armour and a graze to his shoulder. Just as Raditz is about to attack in retaliation, Goku grabs hold of Raditz's tail, immoblising him. With Raditz in control, Piccolo charges up the attack one more time, but Raditz pleads with Goku to spare him, saying he will leave the planet and never come back. Initially he ignores his pleas, but Goku's compassionate nature leads him to release Raditz from his hold. Raditz immediately attacks Goku, pinning him to the fround with the heel of his boot, leaving him helpless.

Elsewhere ChiChi is blissfully aware of what is happening as she makes dinner. As she looks over one of Gohan's test papers she wonders where he and Goku are.

Meanwhile, as Raditz is about to kill Goku, he stops to look around, his scouter picking up a reading. Out of the crator, Gohan explodes out of the spacepod.

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