DBZ Episode 35 - Mercy

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[edit] Episode 35 - Mercy

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Japanese name: Cause a Miracle! Son Gohan, the Super Saiyan

Just as Vegeta is about to cut off Gohan's tail, Yajirobe slices across Vegeta's back with his sword. This isn't enough to kill Vegeta however and once Yajirobe realises he tries to bargain with him, only to be kicked away and beaten. Meanwhile, Goku tells Gohan to look into the sky at the light ball, causing him to transform. Before Vegeta realises, it's too late and he can't stop the transformation. Gohan rampages, having little control over himself in this form, only Goku's voice is able to calm him. He turns his attention back to Vegeta who does his best to evade him and cut off Gohan's tail. Using the last of his strength, Vegeta is able to cut off Gohans tail, but not before being crushed under Gohan's weight before he is able to revert back to normal. Vegeta calls for his spacepod to make his retreat. But before Vegeta can climb inside he is confronted by Krillin, armed with Yajirobe's sword. Just as Krillin is about to kill Vegeta, Goku pleads with Krillin to spare his life. He explains that, despite everything he has done and that Vegeta would probably come back, he was impressed by Vegeta's strength and it would be a waste for him to die. Goku says he wants to fight him again, Krillin eventually agrees to Goku's request and lets Vegeta get inside his spacepod. Vegeta threatens to come back and finish them, and leaves in his spacepod.

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